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bleaching hair

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How does bleaching work?

Just like permanent colouring the procedure is equal, except without adding new pigments. Bleaching the hair with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide makes the colour pigments brighter. Different colour shades can be obtained, depending on time and concentration of the product used. Regular touch-ups every four to six weeks are generally needed to eliminate roots (hair with your natural colour growing at half an inch per month from your scalp). Of all hairtypes blond hair is the most sensitive for many hair problems e.g. dehydration. Blondes do not have much melanine (to protect from free radicals) and therefore they need special hair care.

Depending on your natural hair colour it is possible to give natural blond more intensity by colour-enhancing products. They last about three hair washes, but they don't make the hair brighter!

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  • Bleaching fine hair (and perming your hair) makes the hair shaft rough. That's why every single hair will gain volume. That's why blond locks are a magic trick e.g. to give blond fine hair more volume.


  • If you bleached your hair and your hair turned yellow or orange you can only get rid of it to bleach your hair again. It is better to see a hair stylist to do the job for you


  • If you have blonde hair use a shampoo or conditioner with chamomile. It's a natural hair colorant used to lighten hair.

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Bleaching with the help of a cap

If your hair is bleached with a hat it happens often: In the beginning your hair looks fine but afterwards it starts getting darker and darker.
This method is bleaching thin locks of hair that stick together well as a string
for about a week.

Bleaching makes the hair shaft rougher. So after each wash and style the fine hairs mix more and more with the rest of the hair and that's why the hair looks darker.

Conclusion: Not the strings are darker, but the seperate hairs divide themselves with the rest of the hair. If you bleach your locks more broad, the beautiful blond shape will last longer. More about colouring your hair >>>

Bleaching fine hair (and perming your hair) makes the hair shaft rough. That's why every single hair will gain volume. That's why blond locks are a magic trick e.g. to give blond fine hair more volume.

What exactly bleaches the hair?

The melanine content of the hair determines your individual hair colour. It is produced in the melanocytes. Those are cells that amongst others can be found in the hair follicles. The melanocytes are producing pigment granules (melanine). They are distributed throughout the cortex.

Two kinds of melanine are available and responsible for the various hair colours:
The eumelanine is the black-brown pigment and determines mainly the depth of the hair colour.
The faeomelanine is the red pigment that is responsable for the blond and red hair.

• Blond hair contains little emelanine and much faeomelanine
• Dark hair contains much eumelanine and little faeomelanine
• Red hair also has little eumelanine and very much faeomelanine

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Unnatural blond - Dangerous mixtures...

Many women bleach their hair themselves. The ones that do not want to expose themselves to the risks of chemical colouring it is possible nowadays to get more than only red shades into the hair (with the help of herbs, bark or fruits).

In the past the adventurous mixes varied from lizard's oil to swallow droppings. They were bleaching hair this way for centuries until finally in 1867 a British pharmacist and a Parisian hairdresser brought out a new bleach product called hydrogen peroxide!

For those who would like to bleach their hair themselves, they could face some unpleasant surprises. It is possible that the bleaching will turn out to be red, orange or yellow. The bleaching process is only finished after the specified time. If you shorten the period the result can turn out yellow or even completely orange.

That's why you'd better let an experienced hairdresser bleach your hair!

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(Bleached) Blondes watch out!

Help, my hair turned green!

After swimming in the pool bleached blonde hair ocasionally can turn green. Many people think it is caused by chlorine, but the green discoloration comes from swimming in pools with copper plumbing! Mineral deposits of copper from the plumbing are dissolved in the water and then cling to the hair shaft (source: Cutis, July 1995, pages 37-40).

If the hair has been bleached blonde it is damaged and has more absorbency to hold the copper-bearing water and turns really green. It will disappear after several shampoos or you can dissolve a vitamin C tablet (Ascorbinacid) in lemon juice. Another solution can be to wash your hair with a dissolved aspirin tablet (Acetylsalicylacid/ ASS) in water.

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new  Products

To become blond there are lots of bleaching and colouring products in different colour shades: From ash blond to honey blond or red shades or natural haighlights. There's an optimal bleaching product for every kind of hair.

It is very important that the hair colour matches the skin type and the colour of your eyes and eyebrows.

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Blond, more blond... - John Frieda

Innovative products of the American promi hair stylist John Frieda (foto left) are especially developed to refresh mat blond or coloured hair.

His new product line is very succesful - blond and coloured hair get back their original gleam by pigmentation refreshment.

What's also offered by John Frieda is the so called 'Frizz Ease' - a product that straightens the hair as well as the ' Frizz-Ease-waterproof hat' especially designed for your hair to protect your style from the rain.


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