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New Season - New Fashion - New Hair Colors

Not so long ago lots of woman either had blonde or red hair. At the moment it is trendy to enrich your natural hair color with subtle highlights and lowlights in two or three different shades. Hair coloring this season is all about block colors.

You can stop your colored hair from fading with color enhancing products (shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments).

Photo: © Metropolis International Fashion Night / Wella Professionals | Ergin Varel |

"Stars" also like to change their hair color radically. Charlize Theron's homepage shows pictures of her being brunette (photo left). At the moment the forever blonde Britney Spears also has brown highlights.

Other hair style camelons like Madonna and Pink also not only love to change their Hairstyles but also their Hair Color. Together with their clothing they set trends.

Nowadays the new Hair Color Trends still matches perfectly with the colors of the Fashion Trends. Trendy clothing in white, satin green, orange or yellow harmonize almost alone with a dark hair color.

"Natural" Blonde hair

Natural blonde! If you are not born a natural blonde you can create a more natural blonde effect with three block colors - ash blond, beige blond and a decent golden-brown shade.


"Type & Style advice"

Which hair color will suit me?

No matter what's trendy - keep in mind that it is important that the new hair color also matches your personality and your skin and eye color.

The most important thing before choosing the right shade of hair color is to go for tones and shades that matches your skin tone. If you look best in red, pink and orange clothing you'd better choose warm tones of hair colors like reds and warm browns. If you look best in blue and green clothing you's better choose nuetral, cool tones like beige and pale blonde highlights.

Above-mentioned information is a basic rule how to choose a new hair color. Obviously there are more factors that should be taking into account if you want to change your hair color. Ask your hairdresser's - colorist's advice. Leave coloring hair to professionals.