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The eyes are the mirror of the soul. As the eyes give the face much of it's character, you want to emphasize them more than the other facial elements.

The eyes play an important role in human (non) verbal communication. Especially in our daily "face-to-face" communication. Sometimes it is even more important than the verbal interaction.

But how to apply eye make-up on very small shaped eyes or bulging eyes? How to depilate eyebrows? WIth make-up you can accomplish a lot if you know how, independently of the form of your eyes. And... practice makes perfect!

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Expressive and glorious eyes...

Kevyn Aucoin - Face Forward.Apply the brightest colour on the entire eyelid. The strongest colour is to be applied on the outer corner of the eye and should be shaded to the upper and outer side. The middle colour is to be applied on the eyelid line and should soften the crossing to the darkest colour.

After applying eyeshadow and eyeliner you can apply mascara on your upperlashes, moving the brush slowyl upwards to the tips of your lashes. For a more dramatic look apply a second coat.


Kevyn Aucoin - The art of makeup.Brown eyes get a special harmonical effect if you use gold-, copper- or brown eyeshadow shades. In general you can say that women with bright eyes can also use brighter eyeshadow colours than dark eyed autumn types.

You always have to adjust your eye make-up to the shape of your eyes. For a professional make-up, a minimum of three colours should be used.

Very small shaped eyes

The eyes of short-sighted people are optically reduced by glasses.

In this case you should avoid colours that are too dark that make your eyes look even smaller. Instead of strong colours use bright coloured eyeshadow. The eyes look optically bigger if you apply light eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye and apply stronger colours towards the outer eyelid. As a finishing touch you can apply kohl or put on some strong coloured eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye and apply some bright eyeshadow and spread it out just below the eyebrows.

Taboo: Never apply liner or kohl on your complete eyelid. It makes them look even smaller.

Tips for "too big" eyes

The eyes of far-sighted people are optically magnified by glasses.

Apply dark kohl at the inner, bottom edge of the eyelash and pull a line at the upper eyelid. Apply strong eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and nuance it strongly outwards.

If you have big eyes it is better to line the entire lower lash line.

Thick glasses also magnify the eyelashes so you should not overdo the mascara. It is better to apply only one coat.

Bulging or puffy eyes

Eyes can look optically smaller if you first apply a strong eyeshadow followed by applying pencil and then spreading it out slightly afterwards. The strong eyeshadow is to be applied on the total eyelid and is to be shaded to the inner corner of the eye.

Emphasize upper lashes with mascara especially the outer lashes. Use very little or no mascara on lower lashes. If you prefer you could use a dark eye pencil in the inner lid rim. Never use the pencil under lower lashes. It will only accentuate the bulging of the eye.

Droopy eyes

It is very important to raise the outer corner of the eyes with the help of make-up. Apply liner at the outer corner from the eyelashes upwards. Fill the upper inner space until the arcade of the eye socket with a strong eyeshadow. Only accentuate the upper eyebrows with mascara.

Round eyes

The trick with round eyes is to make them look longer. by using dark eyeshadow colors all around and extending towards the outer corners.

Use a light tone shadow from lash to brow. Use a dark color in the crease and extend towards the outer corners. . Line only outer half of the eye and extend liner out and up at the ends. If you apply mascara only accentuate the outer eyebrows.

Wide-set eyes

To bring the eyes closer together you can apply stronger make-up on the inner corner of the eyes of the eyelids and liner is applied at the bottom inner eyelid (not at the outer corner of the eye). Afterwards you apply a strong or bright colour at the edge of the eye socket that is to be shaded towards the inside of the eyebrow. At the eyelid a brighter colour is applied. Only accentuate the inner eyebrows with mascara.

Close-set eyes

Book Bobbie Brown - Beauty.To increase the optical distance of your eyes you can apply a bright colour eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye. From the other half of the eye towards the outer corner of the eye you apply a strong eyeshadow.

Eventually you can accentuate the outer corner of the eye and apply a strong eyeshadow or kohl.

Deep-set eyes

Apply kohl or liner at the bottom eyelid from the outside towards the middle of the iris. This adds an expressive line and the eyes look opticallly bigger - lightly fixated with powder. Aply a bright colour at the eyelid.

Tired eyes

By using a light pink shade you can accomplish miracles for tired eyes: Apply it on the inner corner of the eye, along the eyebrows and at the bottom of the eye - and the marks of a long night will disappear!


Also eyebrows need care. For healthy and gleamy hairs eyebrows should bebrushed daily. When using a pencil you should apply starting at the inner corner working outwards.


Depilate eyebrows - how to do it?

Victoria Bush - How to create the Perfect Eyebrow.Before you start depilating, make sure you are in a well-lit room. Besides that it is not wise to depilate your brows before you are going out; you should depilate them before bedtime so any redness will disappear overnight.

Pull your skin tight before you start depilating. Make sure you only remove the hairs between your eye and your brows and NOT from above your eyebrows. Pluck each hair individually close to the root. Work in the direction of the growth.

Afterwards you can remove the hairs at the bottom of your brow: Always be careful with removing hairs, if you remove to many hairs you will have to wait until they start growing againg.

Tip: For the best result keep your natural eyebrow form and do not remove too many hairs. Keep it natural!


Using kohl

Nowadays applying kohl is a trend. For the first time you can also outline the eye with dark kohl by using natural brown shades. By using a more dramatic make-up, that is more suitable at night, you can draw all the attention to the eyes.

International cosmeticians & cosmetic experts have taken this inspiration from fashionable, attractively made-up nomad women in warm countries. They applied kohl along their eyes in order to screen them from the sun; black is breaking the sunlight, so their eyes are not blinded by the sun.