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         Natural skin and a perfect make-up...

Alain Rustenholz - Makeup.In the end, skin, colour of your eyes and haircolour determine which colours you should use. For example, if you have pale skin, it is better to use soft colour shades in your (basic) make-up, like a warm peach shade.

If you have a bronzed- or goldbeige skin, simply a slightly colour shade in an olive- or natural colour will do to emphasize your natural charisma.

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Unnatural skin

You don't like your natural skin colour? Mix a soften green foundation with your day cream and apply it to your face. Pay special attention to the ear-, chin- and nose area and don't use too much foundation, or it won't look natural.

If your tint still looks too 'pink,' you should definitely avoid a foundation or powder with pink shades, to avoid emphasizing red facial shades.


Emphasizing your natural, fresh charisma?

Choose a peach or a gold/ yellow coloured foundation. If you apply just this, your tint will be natural, gold and slightly tanned.


Tired tint

Combine a small amount of red coloured foundation with your day cream and apply it over the entire surface of your face.

Leigh Toselli - The complete Make-up and Beauty book.Tip: Practical are the new 2 in 1 make-ups (a mixture of powder and make-up). If you use a normal foundation you have to powder afterwards to avoid shine. If you use a 2 in 1 foundation you will achieve a soften tint and one that doesn't shine.

Men & Cosmetics

Men with a trendy haircut and well cared for hair nowadays are accepted. But men using nailpolish and/ or make-up... more