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 cosmetics  -  Wellness, Bodystyling  and care  for men

The market for male skin care products is booming: Not a single week passes, without seeing a new product - especially for men - in the racks of the perfumery businesses and/ or chemist's. Main reason: Men nowadays are also very mindful of their bodies.

Today just water and soap is not sufficient for a man. Besides those products he also uses facial creme, hairgel, aftershavebalm and a nice perfume. He is also working at creating a healthy charisma: Going to the solarium and working out at the gym - and even a visit at the beautician (at the wellness centre or beauty salon) is not unusual for him.

Sexy wax legs and chests used to be issues exclusive to male strippers and atlethes. Not only the facial hair is removed daily. Nowadays it is very common that men shave and even wax and tweeze their excessive body hair.

Also decoratively shaped eyebrows and lashes, outlined and/ or glossy lips and well cared for nails belong to the the cosmetical care programme of the bodyminded man. Many beauty salons already offer men beauty care products in their productline. And more and more men are gratefully using them.

Prominent example: The "metrosexual" football Beau David Beckham, who even tried out a combination of black polished fingernails in combination with eyeshadow and make-up.

Trendy in America - Men with polished toenails

Even polished toenails of men's feet - in Europe something impossible - are more and more trendy in America. And this not only in the homosexual scene, but also men of all ages, sexual orientations and profession nowadays polish their toenails. In America hardly anyone minds this kind of well-cared for man. Not only polished nails, but also men using lipstick or polishing fingernails is quite normal.

A beautiful men's body

Those who are satisfied with their look have more charisma and they do feel better and more harmonious. To accomplish their beauty ideal also men not only have their appointments at their hairdresser or at the beautician. To achieve maximal results it is necessary to have beauty surgery... more