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Laura Bush (2003)       
Laura Bush (at the beginning of 2005)

Laura Bush (end 2005)

At the end of 2004 Laura Bush changed her Hair Stylist.

The Turkish Stylist Nuri Yurt (photo left) created the new "President's-wife-look" in his Salon TOKA in Washington.

Cherie, Cherie Lady

Mrs. Cherie Blair presented the Labour Party with a £7,700 bill for the services of her personal hair stylist during the 2005 general election campaign. The daily newspaper "Times" published that her Star Hair Stylist André Suard send an ivoice of £275 a day for a month to keep her hair in shape.

Cherie defended herself saying that she thinks it is unfair that she must meet expenses she sees as linked to her role as the Prime Minister's wife.

Photo right : Look a like of Cherie Blair

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Before(left) - After (right)

Angela Merkel - styles of
the German Chancellor

Julija Timoschenko
Politician from the Ucraine with
characteristic braided style

Wofgang Thierse

German Politician with
strange Yeti Beard

Tarja Halonen
(President of Finland)

Also called "Red Tarja" because
of her hair color

...to be continued