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Women with the longest hair.
" Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair..."

Antaninas Vitkauskaites-Bacienlienes
84.6 in.
Skuldfried Sjorgien
> 3m.

Irmgard Symanzik

27 years old without visiting a hairdresser: Combing her hair took her one hour. Right now her hair is cut!

79.9 in.
Mary Tucker
86.6 in.

Georgia Sebrantke

Originally Greek, lived nearby Bremen. As she is only 1,56m. tall she has to stand on a stool to comb her hair.

> 3m.
118.1 in.

Susanne Kalb, born Orels  

The beautician with Rumanian roots used to perform in television shows. >>> read more on her Website with hair-care tips, photos, etc.

> 2m.
78.7 in.

Actual record-holder (woman)

At the moment Diane Witt has the longest actual red-brown hair of the world with a length of more than 118.1 inches / 3 meters (photo right).

Actual record-holder (man)

A Vietnamese man recently established a record with his hair length – the 67-year old, Tran Van Hay did not cut his hair for 31 years, according the Vietnamese press agency. His hair is now 244.1 inches / 6,20 meters long.

His predecessor of the Guinness book of records came from Thailand. The hair of Hoo Sateow was about 202.8 inches / 5,15m. long. It was measured in November 1997.

Click here to see a video with Tran Van Hay.


Longest hair via tradition

Swami Pandarasandhi, member of a monastery in Madras (India), is said to have had a hairlength of 312.2 inches / 7,93 m. in 1949.


Longest (available) wig in the world

As depicted on the right: obtainable at perueckeria.ch.

Click here for more information about wigs and hair pieces.




Beard records

Longest beard
The longest human beard in the Guinness Book of Worldrecords belongs to Hans N. Langseth born in Norway in 1846, who had achieved 17.5 ft. by the time of his death in America in 1927. There is proof of it, for the beard was presented to the smithsonian Institute in Washington in 1967.

Longest Moustache

Kalyan Ramji Sain (India) has been growing his moustache since 1976, and by July 1993, it had reached a span of 133.5 inches / 3.39 m. The right side measured 67.70 inches / 1.72m. and the left side 65.7 inches / 1.67 m.

"Beardy" link: NassRasur.com |



other "hairy" records


Longest eyebrows worldwide

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The most expensive hair in the world

A fan paid £2.300,00 for a single hair of one of the most famous Beatle's musicians John Lennon (photo right).

At an auction at the record fair in Gerona (Spain)a bidder from Hong Kong took possession of the hair. The organizers of the auction announced it as 'the most expensive hair of the world.' Lennon pulled the hair out on the 26th of August, 1964 and gave it to a fan. Afterwards he was killed in New York in 1980.

A certificate of a well-known English firm stated the authenticity of the hair. The Beatles fan from Hongkong, that attended the auction with the help of a Spanish intermediary, would even have paid a maximum amount of £7.000,00. The Star Stylist Raffel Pagés, that owns a Hairdresser's Museum stopped bidding at an amount of £2.000,00.


The most expensive hairdressers of the world

Of course it is in New York - well-known for the worlwide most expensive city of hairdresser's services. The owner is Orlando Pita, hairstylist of models like Naomi Campbell (Salon Orlo in the Gansevoort Street).

The full procedure, cutting, washing and blow-drying takes about 80 minutes. And the amount to be paid is USD 800 - an average price per nimute of USD 10.

Mr. Pita defends his (even for New Yorkers) extreme high price saying: "Your hair is how people see you. You can for example spend lots of money for clothes, but your hair you wear every day. Also this luxury article (haircut) it is not about am I worth it? Do I really need it? No, it is only about: "Can I pay for it?"

... more info about star stylists

The largest Hair Salon

In Houston (USA): Name 'Norris of Houston' and more than 70 hairdresser's are daily working to keep the customers satisfied.

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Biggest Hairdresser's chain worldwide

The Regis Corporation (e.g. Jean Louis David) has 8600 Salons worldwide and about 130 million customers. Only the affiliates of Jean Louis David have 1200 Salons mostly in Southern Europe and a turnover over USD 500 millions.


The biggest wig made of human hair

A firm named Bergmann made the biggest wig made of human hair in New York in 1975 with a length of 187 inches / 4,75m.



The certainly most expensive locks of the world

In February 1980 two little locks of the head of the French Queen Marie-Antoinette and her son, crown prince Louis, were sold by auction. An offspring of the governess of the crown princes bought the locks for only £3.500,00.


Various records with cutting hairs

The brothers Horst and Walter Gföllner broke the record cutting hair of a Swedish hairdresser (81 hours cutting hair without a break). One of them in Steiermark (Austria) and the other one in Karinthia. Both of the brothers broke the record with 12 minutes. They cut 136 people's hair.

Gerry Strupple from England cut and styled different hair without interruption (341 hours and 58 minutes).

Most expensive Wig of the world

It belonged to the Pop Artist Andy Warhol. Warhol often wore wigs in the eighties to cover up his receding hairline and to take attention away from his bad skin.

His wig was auctioned at Christie's for USD 10.800.

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