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 Baby hair


Hair loss and colour change after birth

Babies often loose more hair than they gain after birth. The reason for this is that the normal hair growth cycle has not been adjusted.

About one year later the cycle is stable and the hair will grow again - mostly in a different way or colour.

Hair colour is determined genetically. For example red hair can become brown. A baby with blond hair can become a red head later on.

Brown or black hair often sticks to its original colour after the growth stop.

Baby shampoos

During the first year of the baby's life it is to be recommended to use a special mild baby shampoo.

Formulated baby shampoos are especially less prone to stinging if they get into the eyes when they contain a high pH. They also may cause unnecessary tangling of the baby's hair. It is important that a baby shampoo or some other type of mild shampoo contains a balanced pH - a pH factor that falls in the 4.5 - 6 range.

Shampooing can be done on an "as needed basis" and doesn't have to be done every day. To avoid drying out your baby's hair you will only need to shampoo two or three times a week.

To avoid allergic reactions it is to be adviced to take a good look at the ingredients of the shampoo (e.g. pH factor, sulfates, etc.).


Tips and tricks

Book - Kinki Hairstyle Kids.Don't overwash your baby's hair as it can dry the scalp and cause cradle cap (scaly rash and general redness develops on the scalp).

If your baby hasn't got much hair you only need to rinse his scalp during the bath by pouring water over it with your hand. If your baby has longer hair you only need a tiny drop of shampoo applied to wet hair, leave it in for a while and thoroughly rinse it out (with your hand).

Make sure that the hair is untangled before washing it.

Avoid using adult shampoo on your baby's gentle hair and skin.

Wash your child's hair last!

Dry your baby gently - without rubbing.

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