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  hair problems:   " Bad  Hair  Day"

A "Bad hair day" is one of these days that your normal hair ritual doesn't have any effect at all... Brushing, gel or spray just won't do and even washing again and restyling does not help.

You are already thinking about cutting your hair, but the next day you style your hair the same way and it looks stunning.


Often bad hair days are caused by conditioning agents and styling products which build up on the hair and eventually cause the hair to feel heavy and lifeless.

When your hair is damaged it is so much more porous and its cuticle is so much rougher that they are likely to cause problems.

The way you sleep on your hair also influences your shape of your hair.

Many women suffer from bad hair days shortly before or during their menstrual period - Hair that looses it's strength and that cannot be styled at all. Increased oestrogen production the week before you get your period can trigger increased oil production. It totally changes the "climate" on the scalp and makes your hair look limp and dull and impossible to style.

Tip: If you start styling your hair when it is wet, you have a better chance of getting it to do what you want.