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 Blonde   Hair

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Why precisely is this hair colour so attractive?

Maybe because the hair looks like gold? Or because there are so few natural blondes? Nowadays being blond is still very desirable.

As the Greek historically called blond hair the divine hair colour, nowadays being blond can also cause problems - as many blonde jokes of Paris Hilton prove (photo right).

Maybe the childlike blond ignorance of Marilyn Monroe (which she represented in many of her movies) is a motive for the naive image of blondes?

Recent British studies have shown that 81% of the participating men priviledge a "non blond." Nowadays men are looking for intelligent and independent women. Blonde women are related to negative characte traits as neurotic or extravert.

Blonde Stars

Marylin and her predecessors...

The in Hollywood platina blonde styled trademark of actresses like Marylin Monroe and her predecessors still are copied by million of women. Marilyn also bleached her hair just like every other Hollywood diva at that time.

Curious: Due to her success and the blonde hair hype lots of women became very envious. In America red and dark haired women organized... more


The 'ignorance image' also continued after Marylin, in movies starring Brigitte Bardot or, as recently, in the 'ignorance nice' Meg Ryan. The latter swears (like many other collegues) by the American Star-Coiffeur John Frieda... more

Also "blonde" and famous: The "forever" blonde Pop Stars Shakira and Gwen Stefani .

MadonnaTrendsetter and 'hair colour cameleon' Madonna (foto right) recently became a brunette, but she rapidly changed her hair colour in her favorite look 'blonde.'

Also super models like Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum go for "blonde".

Legally blonde

In both episodes of "Legally Blonde" Reese Witherspoon plays a leading role as the spoilt student Elle Woods who is attending Harvard Law School.

Her glamorous lifestyle and fashion style doesn't make her... more about Reese Witherspoon

history: 'Divine hair colour'

The blond cult is not that new. The Greeks called blond the hair colour of the divine and the Romans robed of the blond hair of the North European women during war. The blond hair was used to make wigs.

Rich people pretended to be natural blonds and wove golden threads in their hair. The poor were sitting for hours in the sun to bleach their hair.

Are natural blondes soon becoming scarce?

In England, about 10% of all women are natural blondes. Anthropologists fear that naturally blond people are becoming scarce. In 1970 every second child was born with blond hair, while at this moment only every fourth child is born with blond hair. The reason is that from the hereditary point of view the chances of being born with dark hair are much bigger.

Conclusion: The rarer, the more desirable – so no wonder that blond is 'booming' and is often being chosen as being trendy.

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being blond

Many women want to dye their natural hair colour and choose being blonde. At the moment it is very trendy to have a "natural" blonde look (Trends hair colours).

Anyway, being blond is something special and (almost) always trendy - certainly if you are a 'natural' blond. There are few natural blondes - therefore blondes are often bleached. Statistics prove it: The haircosmetical industry still gains millons of euros just by selling hair colour products and that's why there are even more new products developed.

Just like permanent colouring the procedure is equal, except without adding new pigments. Bleaching the hair with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide makes the... more about bleaching hair

By the way, did you know that... blondes have more hair on their scalp? Why? Because every human being has, depending on hair colour, a different number of hairs on their scalp. For more info about some interesting hair facts click here


Blonde  Men

One of the newest trends for men is tipping: only the toppings of their hair strands are bleached. Just like the newest women trend it is important to create a "natural" blonde look.

More and more men visit their hair stylist not only for cutting hair, but also for colouring.

The first blonde James B(L)ond

The first blonde actor Daniel Craig (37) not only has the license to colour his hair but also to kill. At least in the new James Bond movie "Casino Royale" the blonde... more

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