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blow  drying  hair


"Hot" air damages your hair

It is preferential to let your hair dry naturally, but often this is impossible should you want to have your hair styled.

It is not good to blow dry your hair with too hot a setting. When using a blow dryer, hair is easier to style when it is damp but not wet - wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. That's why your stylist rewets your hair after it's been cut! Blow the entire head completely dry in order to keep the styling in for as long as possible.

You should blow dry your hair face down or between the hair from the bottom to the top. You should not blow dry the hair from above as the grease fixes on the hair shaft and your hair will be greasy very soon.

The best routine is to have the brush move through the hair as the heat moves down and over the brush. When the heat blows through the hair you can get frizzies.

An ionic blow dryer reduces drying time and the ions reduce the static charge that can cause hair to frizz up and give you that "not-so-fahionable" look.



Be cautious when you use blow dryers around water and children. Unplug blow-dryer after use and keep it in a safe place until cooled to prevent burns.

Styling tip

If you want lots of volume in your hair, first you will have to divide a strengthening product into your hair line and afterwards you must comb your hair face down and blow it dry from the bottom to the top until it is still a bit moist.

Afterwards clip your hair with a pin on top of your head and you can start blowdrying the bottom layer dry. If all locks are styled you have to be sure that your hair is dry before combing it.


Combing hair

Never comb your hair when it is still wet. Wet hair is easily damaged than dry hair (when hair is wet its hydrogen bonds have been broken and therefore the hair is more vulnerable).

As a general rule use a wide-toothed comb or a wide-bristled brush with rounded tips.

Choose your combs and brushes carefully. As a general rule use a wide-toothed comb or a wide-bristled brush with rounded tips. When you run a brush through your hair , take care to start at the base of your scalp using as little force as possible. Brush your hair in sections starting at the top and worling your way down, being the most gentle with the ends.