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(un)natural curly or frizzy hair

Tips for natural curly/ frizzy hair / afro textured hair / permed hair / waved hair

Video: Star Stylist is showing how to crul hair with tongs!

Star Stylist Richard Ashforth is Creative Director of Vidal Sasoon and has been working as a Stylist for Galliano, Westwood and Hermes. His stylings often were publiced in magazines like Vogue. He personally is showing you the tricks of the trades.


"Beautiful locks"

... is a comment one frequently hears if someone walks by with beautiful, curly hair. At the moment "curly" ones are lucky because natural or permed hair are trendy.


Tips and hair-care

It is important to comb your hair before you wash it to prevent brittle and tangled hair. It is to be recommended to towel dry your wet hair. Squeeze your hair dry gently and never comb your hair when it is still wet. As a general rule use a wide-toothed comb or a wide-bristled brush with rounded tips.

Wet hair is easily damaged than dry hair; when hair is wet its hydrogen bonds have been broken and therefore the hair is more vulnerable. It will untangle more easy and you will break fewer hairs.





Hair-care products

After every three shampoos you can apply a so-called oil mask. Use a special hair-, Jojoba- or Seed oil. Apply the oil to your wet hair and wrap your hair in a damp towel and let it penetrate for about twenty minutes and then shampoo as usual.

For natural locks it is important to use a hair mask product that contains vitamin E, pantenol or proteins. Apply a small amount to wet hair, concentrating on ends. Let it penetrate for about three untill five minutes before you rinse it out thouroughly.

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Tips  for  natural curly/ frizzy hair

If you have an "off-day" divide some wax in both of your hands and massage each lock. You can also use a greasy cream and massage it into your hair points or use a special hair point oil to avoid the hair splitting.

If you want to smooth your natural frizzy hair, you can use a special straightening product like Frizz Ease. Another method is using straighteners or crimpers. It is also possible to smooth it with chemical products (it is the reversed process of waving). This treatment is often provided in afro-shops, who are specialists in frizzy hair.

Pay attention: Consolidation products based on lotion, foam, gel or spray are not suitable for frizzy hair, as frizzy hair is known to be split up easily.
Our advice is to cut your hair at least every two months, otherwise the hair points are unmanageable and they are impossible to blow dry. The hair can be cut in layers so it is much easier to be styled.

Styling-tip: Natural frizzy hair creates great curls if you just let it dry naturally.

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 After-care tips for permed hair

  • After washing your hair use a conditioner that's especially formulated for permed hair

  • Also your shampoo will guarantee to maintain your perm. At the moment there are lots of special "permed" hair products available.

  • To comb your hair use a wide-thooted brush working form the ends up to keep your curls in good shape.

  • Do not blow-dry your hair with too hot a setting. Use an appropriate styling product (e.g. foam or lotion) that will protect your hair from the heat of your blow-dryer.

  • Do not wash your hair too often! After having a perm you should at least wait two or three days to wash your hair. Every perm damages your hair extremely and leaves your hair dry as the perm's chemicals strips away your hair's natural essential fatty acids. You will notice that you don't have too wash your hair that often after having your perm!

  • Avoid everything that can damage your hair: too much combing, too much shampooing and blow-drying.