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cutting hair - haircut


Since the Stone Age humans have been eliminating themselves of surplus or troublesome hair. Nowadays the cutting off or removing of body hair and head hair is obvious. Everywhere in the world hairs are cut off - Fashion trend, religion or also other practical reasons determine kind and extend of the cut procedure.

Nowadays men and women do no longer cut off their hair - professional trained hair stylists devote themselves to the art of cutting off hair and create new hair styles. At the moment hairs are no longer cut off at one length but cut off in layers with or without adding bangs.

Star Stylists use different types of hair cutting-edge technologies. Worth mentioning is the "Vidal Sassoon hair cutting-edge technique" which is based on the principle of "the Bauhaus" (see also haircut videos).

Different devices such as special hair cutting edge scissors, shavers or or points are used to the formation of the hairs and to create your hair style.

xlcut, xl-cut, xxlcut, xxl-cut, The profession hairdresser will always have future as hair growth is genetically programmed to grow about three months after the baby's conception. Hair will always play a part in human life.

Did you know that an average man will have spent 900 hours shaving (37,5 days of his life removing facial hair) between ages 15 - 75 years?

The frequently cutting off hair has nothing to do with hair growth. In contrary to the commercial messages of hair-care manufacturers medically speaking your hair is dead, so it cannot be repaired or permanently reverted back to normal in any way.

Regular trims (every three weeks) is to be advised if you have "fine hair" and have split ends. If you don't cutt off the hair points they can travel up the hair and make the damage even worse. Many hairdressers also use a so-called "hot-pair of scissors" (120°) to avoid having split ends.

Cutting hair - nothing's ever easy at first...

As the hair reaches a considerable length, around the age of two, it is necessary to cut children's hair.

Many mothers cut their childrens hair themselves at young age. Many women cut off their children's hair or leave it to the professional.

If a child isn't ready for his or her first haircut he/ she will probably start to cry. HairWeb gives you tips about dealing with children's fear for the hairdressers... more