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Fine or thin hair


Tips  for fine  hair

Recent studies have shown that most women feel that no volume is their biggest hairproblem. Besides healthy hair full hair is one of the most important criteria for beautiful hair.

Especially women who have fine hair and those who are suffering from androgenic alopecia (male & female pattern baldness) are familiar with this phenomenon.

Usually a hair is only 0.02 to 0.04 millimeters thick. Fine hair has only 30% of its original length. Thinning hair is a normal part of aging. By the age of 50, after the menopause, over half of all women have thinning hair.

Styling & hair-care tips

Cutting your hair does not make it thicker. However, because damaged ends can look thin, cutting them off can make yur hair look thicker.

It is advisable to never rub your hair dry with a towel. Instead, squeeze it dry gently using either a towel or your hands. Friction erodes the cuticle.

A good brush shouldnever scratch at the scalp or tug and tangle the hair. It should easily smooth through hair without pulling at the hair. The bristles should be long enough to easily grab and hold the hair and still easily release as you pull it through the ends. It is best when the handle and base of half-round brushes are made out of rubber because this material reduces static (especially fine hair). Always avoid nylon-bristled brushes unless the have rubber tips.

When using a blowdryer, hair is easier to style when it is damp but not wet - wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. That's why your stylist rewets your hair after it's been cut.

If you have the time, alternate using hot air and cool air while blow drying. If your hair is thin blow it dry on a lower setting. To minimize damage when working on your own, try to never hold the blow dryer in one spot for more than a few seconds. Blow the entire head completely dry in order to keep the styling in for as long as possible.

It is said that the best way to make thin hair look full is to perm it. To some extend that's true - perming can make the hair look fuller - but perming the entire head, especially on small rods and on a regular basis (to keep up with grow-out) is not a solution if you want full hair that looks good.

Tip for more volume for fine hair

Tip: Bleaching fine hair (and perming your hair) makes the hair shaft rough. That's why every single hair will gain volume. That's why blond locks are a magic trick e.g. to give blond fine hair more volume.

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Hair-care for fine hair

Use mousses, which spread easily through the hair and provide soft styling control and fullness. Also volume shampoos, masks or conditioners give more volume, shine and elasticity to fine hair.

Special water binding-agents like glycerin and sorbitol help keep water in the hair to prevent dehydration. They attract water from the air to the hair shaft and help keep it here - your hair is softer and feels thicker.

Conditioning agents like protein and panthenol help make hair easier to comb and more silky feeling. The only problem is that they cannot stand up to watyer and tend to get washed or rinsed away.

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Oily/ greasy hair and oily/ greasy scalp

People with fine hair often have more hair on their scalp. The finer your hair the more oil glands and the more oil glands the more... read more


Plant-based hair colours for fine hair

The colouring results of using henna products depend on your natural hair colour. The colouring pigments leave a film over the hair that can dry out the hair shaft, making it a problem for most hair types. However, someone with fine, thin hair may want to try a product with colourless henna powder to add some thickness to the hair. Henna leaves hair shiny and healthy looking.

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