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 hair  without  volume  -  hair  with  lack  of  volume


Recent studies have shown that most women feel that no volume is their biggest hairproblem. Besides healthy hair full hair is one of the most important criteria for beautiful hair. Especially women who have fine hair and those who are suffering from androgenic alopecia (male & female pattern baldness) are familiar with this phenomenon.

A tool to give your hair more volume is e.g. a hairdryer - one with a "diffuser." It makes the hair look optically fuller and besides that, is more careful with your hair. The diffuser as it were lifts the hair through the "hollow tubes," blows the hot air to the hair roots and styles each indivual hair separately. The airtubes also dry the hair completely to the hair-roots

To style the locks and to give them more volume it is also possible to use an "airstyler" - modern curling iron. It has several heat and speed settings and is useful to style a creative look quickly. Your hair is styled in no time and it is also useful to change looks. In order to obtain the best result it is better to style the hair while it is still moist (directly after washing or patting dry).

Also volume shampoos, masks or conditioners give more volume, shine and elasticity to fine hair. Special ingredients like panthenol and silk proteins strengthen the hair during the daily care.



If you bleach your hair the hair shaft becomes rough (just the same as perming or waving). This is why every single individual hair gains volume.

Do not overwash your hair - wash your hair every other day.

If you use a conditioner only apply it on the ends of your hair, not on your hair roots.


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