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 Long Hair


Almost every woman dreams about having long hair. Still, it isn't that easy to have or to care for.

To only let it grow just won't do as the best way to long, healthy, shiny hair takes discipline and perseverence. Alternative: hairextensions.

Fifthy years ago an American physician called George Michael developed his 'long hair philiosophy', that nowadays is still valid.

The long hair fan did not tolerate a fringe and layers. Only hair with equal lengths (and equally divided weight) is kept in optimal tension.

A middle parting is also not allowed as people will be able to see your scalp. A parting of one of both sides is allowed, while the hair then covers up the scalp. Valuable steps to take care of your hair are: Shampoo (opening), hair cure (taking care) and conditioner (closing).

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Styling-tips for long hair

It is better to let your hair dry naturally. If it needs to be blowdryed you must always work from the hair line towards the end. Don't blowdry your hair too hot (in connection with dehydration) or at a distance of approx. 30cm. If you want to have a ponytail, do not use elastic bands, but textile or leather ones. Elastic bands make the hair shaft to become rough and your hair will split more easily. Also, lots of exercise in fresh air and a well balanced nutrition are elements of the hair care programme. It is also very important to have your hair cut regularly.

After washing your hair it often gets tangled. To prevent this, you can use a conditioner after washing, enabling it to be combed much easier and have less static.

HaarlängenHair cures are good for your hair, especially for the ends as they are often several years old and are roughened by the many washings and blow-dries. If you use such a product, prevent that your hair line comes in contact with it. If so your hair will be volumeless. For the ends a fluid with silicones is to be adviced. It glues split hair and survives often more hair washes (before you start using it, it is important to read the instructions).

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Straightening hair

The smoother your hair, the more gleamy!
In case your hair is not smooth at all: curls do not stand a chance if you comb your hair

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