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 Split ends


Split ends can happen to all types of hair. Due to excessive combing, contact with shoulders (longer hair) and brushing the hair while wet, the hair ends suffer a lot.

Once the protective cuticle is removed it cannot be replaced and the hair will split. The only thing you can do is having a regular trim every six weeks - if not, the split can extend up the hair shaft.

The longer the hair the longer the split ends - if your hair is about 30cm. long the split ends are about three years old.



Tips to eliminate split ends

It is advisable to never rub your hair dry roughly - never rub your hair dry with a towel. Instead, squeeze it dry gently using either a towel or your hands. Friction erodes the cuticle.

Do not blow dry your hair with too hot a setting. Also colouring and perming will increase having split ends. Regular hair repair products can optically improve split ends. If your hair is splitting a lot we advise you to see your hairdresser every four to six weeks for a special split ends trim.

It is important to use conditioners that penetrate deeply - it is very important to leave this conditioner on for as long as possible (not only 2 - 3 minutes).

Also repairing substances in hair care products, such as milk proteins, aloe vera and coconut milk, can help to repair split ends.

Tip: Hairdressers sometimes offer a special split ends trim.

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