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"Getting it straight"

Beyoncé Knowles.

Media, celebrities and Stars do not only set Fashion Trends but also Hair Style Trends.

The American fashion and Hair Style icon Madonna is often considered to be the most influential American Star of the twentiest century.

Stars like Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Demi Moore love to wear their hair straight. As long as celebrities prefer their long hair to be straightened we still call it Trendy.



The advantages of straight, gleamy hair are obvious. Combined with an exact haircut it will provide you with new and creative styling possibilities.

Finally the attention will be focussed again on your face and eyes and are no longer inferred of your hair. Especially highlights can give you hair more intensity. "
But how to create the successful "smooth style" shaping?"




1st. method: hair straightening irons

With the help of conventional and hair-careful crimpers (e.g. VIDAL SASSOON), irons, curlers or blow dryers you can straighten even the curliest of locks.

Tip: Ceramic hair straighteners do a much better job of straightening the hair. The temperature can be controlled better and are easier to handle. Unfortunately they are more expensive.






2nd. method: straightening hair care products

Wild manes can be styled smooth and straight with lotions, creams and sprays. Products like Clinique's hair care "Perfectly Straight Straightening Cream for medium or thick hair" or with JOHN FRIEDA's classical FRIZZ EASE.

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3rd. method: Permanent Hair straightening

CHI hair straightening iron

The CHI transformation method use a fluid silk (hydrolisation) to permanently straighten the hair. The silk will permanently bond to the hair in an electro-static process.

Then the CHI iron produces negative ions (due to the ceramic material) that pushes the silk molecules permanently deep inside the hair's cortex. Unlike a normal hair blower the ceramic material provides a moist heat that ensures the hair to dry out.  

Advantages: Your hair will be extremely smooth and gleamy (about 6-12 months). Your hair is not damaged strongly.

Disadvantages: Depending on the lenght and thickness of your hair the multistep process can take from four to six hours or longer. It can only be done by a hair stylist and it is an expensive treatment.

The Yuko hair straightening system - Thermal hair straightening

Hollywood Stars like Brooke Shields prefer to use the Japanese Yuko hair straightening system. In 1996 director Mrs. Yuko Yamashita created the system and introduced it in America. If desired the process can be reversed to obtain curly hair again. Yuko systems are also used by salon professionals like Toni & Guy.

This newly developed straightening system uses heat to restructure the hair's proteine bond. Before passing it through thermal irons the hair is treated with proteines, amino acids, moisturizers and protective products. It is a relatively new technical service offered at hair salons around the country.



Additional information

Simular methods like Straight Therapy - some hair stylists also use a perming product (like WELLA Perform) that reverses the process of perming in order to straighten the hair. This perming method will only last a couple of days.

Hair relaxers are also chemical hair straightening products that mainly are used to straighten African natural curly hair. Those products do not work if your hair is permed. Why? Perming products and hair relaxers are two completely different chemical treatments which can lead to breakage of the hair.

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