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Everything about the 70's and 80's cult hairstyle - information, mythos and comeback (with video - see below).

"Business in the front, party in the back"

Back in the 70's and 80's this culty haircut is also known as "Camero mullet," "Ape drape," "Hockey hair," "Schlong (short+long)" and "Sfelbie (SFLB - short front, long back)."

Mullets have always been very popular with Stars (like Andre Agassi, David Bowey, George Michael and Duran Duran), musicians, sports fans and professional football- and ice hockey players.


Basically a mullet is a haircut that is short in the front, on the sides and on the top , but is always long in the neck - at least at shoulder length or preferably until the waist.

In the eighties the mullet frequently was combined with a perm.

Nowadays men still wear this hairstyle. Female mullet bangs are very trendy at the moment.




Worldwide Mullets translations

  • Danish: Bundesliga-hår = Bundesliga hair, Danish people believe that all Bundesliga football players and their fans have this haircut.

  • Norwegian: Hockeysveis = ice hockey hairdo.

  • Swedish: Hockeyfrilla = ice hockey hairdo.

  • German: Vokuhilla = "vorne kurz, hinten lang" meaning in the front short, behind cut long.

  • Englisch: Mullet =
    1. spiny-rayed fishes found in fresh and salt waters and having a small mouth and feeble teeth, as the striped (or gray) mullet.
    2. Any haircut which the sides and top of the hair are cut significantly shorter than the back.

  • American: Nebraska neckwarmer or Kentucky waterfall.

  • French: Nuque longue = long nek hair or "coiffure de footballeur allemand."

  • Hebrews: Vilon = curtain.

  • Dutch: Matje = little carpet.

A more modern version of the '80s is called "C-Cut". "C" because the hair on the sides is raised in a "C-shaped" pattern with hair short in the front and long in the neck. The only difference with a mullet is that the C-Cut is much shorter than the classic mullet and that it is popular by Techno Freaks and Ravers. It is impossible to have this kind of hairstyle if you have curly hair... more about Techno and Rave haircuts

David Spade as Joe Dirt with Mullet in the movie "Joe Dirt"

Video: "History of the Mullet"
with photos, interviews and backgrounds (about 7 minutes).

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