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"New haircut... but does it suit me?"

You just came from the hairdresser's, but you are not completely satisfied with your new haircut?

You may have a trendy look, but you don't feel comfortable with it? Occasionally the result after visiting a hairdresser is not quite as you might have expected it to be.

The main reason for this is the advice given - it is the most underestimated aspect of visiting a hairdresser. The customer usually knows exactly the kind of haircut he/she wants, without asking advice of the profesional hairdresser! Lots of other factors play an important role, e.g. hair structure and hair condition, shape of your face, age, figure, career and of course last but not least, your personality.

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Hairdressers appointment tips

It is very important to visit your hairdresser as you are. Hairstyling, make-up and fashion should be as normal. Even the pair of glasses that you normally wear should be put on so the hairdresser can take it into account when cutting/ creating a new hairstyle for you.
Before the hairdresser starts cutting, you should always talk about which haircut, length and colour you want. If he/ she starts cutting and is not doing what you had agreed, always let him/ her know. Ask your hairdresser what styling techniques and products are being used so you can achieve the same look at home.

If you visit the salon for the first time, take it slowly. It might be better just to have your hair trimmed and styled first. If you feel good about the result and the way he/she works, you can have your hair restyled the next time.

If you want to change your hair style it is also very useful to take a look at HairWeb Gallery Hair Styles or at our Stars & Celebrities Hair Styles. The many pictures of different hair styles can be shown to your hairdresser (if possible) "online" or you can print them out.

Another tip: If you had a major hair style change don't feel insecure directly after your hairdressers' visit. You will probably need a couple of days to get used to your new look.

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I wanna look like Britney...

Britney Spears.Stars like Britney may look hot with their hair style, but be careful with copying celebrities hair styles like Heidi Klum, Spears or Aguilera.

It's allright to get inspired by prominents and theit hair styles, but keep in mind that a trendy haircut should also work with your face shape (see below). In this way a nice haircut will do justice to someone.

The goal should be to walk out the salon with a for you suitable and individual haircut. It is important to be yourself. Let your hairdresser advice you and give you some professional advice about cutting and coloring your hair. Your best/worst features should be enhanced/minimized by your hairstyle.

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Face - facial shapes & Hair cuts

If a haircut looks good on you, it often depends on the shape of your face. Whether you have a round, square, oval or heart-shaped face - the haircut should have to work with your face shape. In this way a nice haircut will do justice to someone. The perfect shape face that can wear any haircut is an oval face.


Square face shape

This face shape gives you a compact appearance, so it is required to soften the edges an a-symetrical hairstyle - a short style with volume at the crown.

Always insist on layers, not single-length styles or center partings. These will always draw attention to a square face rather than softenening it.

Long hair should fall to shoulder length or just past.

Volume stylings give volume to a square face shape. Fine hair does not give the necessary volume to the hair. Often the hairstyle needs a perm to give enough volume to the haircut.

Tip: If pulled up, play with wisps of hair around the face.


Round face shape

Short or shoulder length hair is ideal for someone with a round face shape. How to make a round face look smaller?

Hairlength is a major factor. It is important to keep the sides close to the face and give volume at the crown.

The most ideal haircut is a long a-symetrical hairstyle. If you have a short haircut you should be careful that your hair does not fall into your face. Hair off the forehead can make the face appear longer and smaller.

If you have hair above the chin line wear an off-centerpart to interrupt the roundness. Hair below the chin line should be worn with a face-lengthening center-part.

Short styles can wear curly, tousled bangs or a soft wispy fringe . Always avoid full, straight-falling bangs because they shorten the face. Also avoid center-parted hair because it will make your face optically broad.

The A-line-bob is a hair style that women with round faces can wear proudly. Long in the front combined with a short or extreme short trimmed neck underneath the top hair. An A-line-bob will make your cheeks look smaller (see photo right).

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Heart face shape

Heart-shaped faces need a softer and curlier hairstyle. A chin length look is perfect. The goal is to create width around your narrow chin.

Hair brushed off the forehead and to either side can make it appear longer and draw attention to the eyes, while hair below the chin can make a short round chin appear wider.



Oval face shape

The oval face shape is the most ideal one and can be combined with all hairstyles. Because the OVAL face is the ideal, your most flattering hairstyle will be as close as possible to creating the illusion of an OVAL shape.

Haircuts that give volume on top of the head are optically very harmonical. A high cut bob tapered into the neck with a diagonal fringe is the most suited hair style for the oval face shape.

For those who prefer long hair: A chin length look with curls give more volume and distract the attention of the small contours of the face.

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Small face shape

To hide your small face shape you will have to make sure to give the sides volume and to create a minimun of height at the crown. A small facial shape can look great with straight-falling bangs and trendy braiding hair styles.


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