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children &  Hair


Also "the smallest ones" want to look cool

Ryder Hudson.Romeo Beckham.For male children it is really "cool" to have long hair.

Whether they must be as long as the hair of Celebs youngsters like Romeo (photo right, Victoria Beckham's son) or Ryder Hudson (photo left, Kate Hudson's son) is another issue.



With highlights or shape-pulled with gel your kid's long hair will become even more trendy.

For years braiding hair is beloved by kids and adults. The comeback of braiding and new variations is still trendy. With lots of phantasy nowadays multicoloured beads, clips and hair ribbons are used to create new looks.

Cutting hair - nothing's ever easy at first...

As the hair reaches a considerable length, around the age of two, it is necessary to cut children's hair. Many mothers cut their childrens hair themselves at young age (books: cutting children's hair).

Fortunately there are salons for those who do not trust themselves to do it. It is very important to look for a child friendly salon nearby.

For example one with special prices based on age or length. Some salons have special chairs so they feel much comfortable. Often children are scheduled for the afternoon when the hairdresser can spend more time with them. Sometimes first-cuts are even free.

Also video games, children books, toys and a seperate kid's playroom at the hairdresser's can prevent children from becoming bored.

A trendy haircut makes sure that the child isn't scared to go for the second appointment. They should be at ease at the hairdresser's!

If a child isn't ready for his or her first haircut, there's no point in forcing the issue. Try it again later.

Why doesn't a hair cut hurt?

Hair is made of a protein called keratin, which has no nerve endings in them. Keratin is also found in your fingernails and toenails. Without nerve endings you do not feel anything.

Hair is "dead," but the root isn't. The root is the part what is inside your skin in tiny holes called follicles. This is the part of your hair that's alive and growing. That's why it hurts if you pull out a hair by the roots, but it doesn't hurt to have a hair cut...


The battle over washing hair

Water play holds a magnetic attraction for children. But washing hair? Lots of children do not like it from the beginning and cannot get used to it. Once they get shampoo in their eyes or mouth they remember that.

Tips & tricks

Treat your children's hair gently. It is much better to use a wide toothed comb, rather than a brush. Make sure that the teeth of the comb do not have sharp edges. They should be rounded.

There is no harm in washing the hair frequently if you use a mild shampoo. Use little shampoo, but wash it out thoroughly with water. To prevent having shampoo in their eyes you can hold a washcloth over their eyes and keep their head back to rinse it.

Tip: If your child hates having their hair washed try to do it as little as possible. Settle for a specific washing day and make sure that the other bath time hours are not spoiled due to the hair washing issue. In this way you can both relax and enjoy bathing.

"Hairy" visitors: Louce, nits & nymphs.

Nowadays it is still a very common thing to have an infection with head lice/ louse. Especially among children ages 3-10 is a very common condition because of their close contact with each other at school.

Bites from head lice cause intensive itching (the body's allergic reaction to the bite) and irritation on the scalp and small red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders. Bumps may become crusty and ooze. In order to get rid of... more