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Stars like India Arie (photo right, amazon),  Beyoncé Knowles, Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, Brandy , Bob Marley or Whoopi Goldberg go for this originally Afro American Hair Style.

Also football players like Edgar Davids, David Beckham or Ze Roberto love this exotic Hair Style.

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(By the way the background track of the above-mentioned video is one of HairWeb's fabourite songs: "I´m not your hair" of India Arie from the album "Life & Relationship")

Open  Braids

Open Braids are actually short micro braids that are interweaved in a diagonally, overlapping pattern close to the head or from the end of your natural hair.

The hairstyle provides a realistic look that imitates an often expensive hair extension. If you take a closer look you can recognise the fine braids at the hairline.

There are many types of materials used to make hair weaves. The price often depends on the type and quality of material used.


Common in West Africa, cornrows survived for centuries as a style of hair preparation in the U.S. among African slaves in South America. Cornrows are a form of traditional West African hair art made by braiding the hair tightly very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row.
Cornrows can be worn with or without hairextensions.

They can be formed, as the name implies, in straight lines or in geometric or curvilinear designs. Even drawings or text can be woven in. Different kind of coloured lines and symbols (photo left) will give you a cool hairstyle. Styles can range from simple to the extremely complex.

This technique is somewhat similar to that used to produce a French braid, which is braided using an overhand, or inward motion, resulting in a flat braid.

They can last between 1 to 1,5 month. The ideal hair length for weaving cornrows is 10 cm. or longer. Often they are combined with rasta braids and both men and women like to have them wove in.

Depending on the pattern, hair length and number of cornrows the weaving process can take up to four hours.




Book - Braids & Updos.
Curls are locks of the African American hairstyles, which are mostly extremely spiralled curly and only can be created with the help of a perm.

To get the natural curly hair cause to form tight curls or waves you can use a crimper.

individual braids

Christina Aguilera.
Alicia Keys.Rasta braids actually are lots of fine braids. Almost always synthetic hair is woven into the natural hair from the hairline until at least 1 to 2 cm. more than the natural hair length. It is also possible to extend until the waistline. The braids are often decorated with pearls.

An important role is the pattern in which the hair has been divided into, like little squares, diamonds or even circles.

They can be worn three to five months. The finer the braids the longer the hairstyle that can be worn (maximum five months).


Shakira (1998). After three months it is necessary to weave the braids once again from the hairline. How long it takes depends on the number and length of the braids. A rasta hairstyle with few braids has about 60 to 100 braids (often called "box braids"; "box" because of the classification in squares) and are mostly beloved hairstyles for kids.

Brandy.An average rasta hairstyle consists of 100 to 150 braids, fine rasta hairstyles (so-called "micro braids") contain at least 200 braids. The time of braiding can vary from 4 to 14 hours.

So-called zig zag braids are created by using hot water.

Famous celebrities: Brandy, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera , Shakira.

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 D R E A D L O C K S   -   D R E A D z

Dreadlocks are ropy mats of hair that have been allowed to grow out over time. It may be said to be one of the oldest hairstyles, as dreads develop naturally over time, especially with curly or coarse hair.

For some, specifically the Rastafarians, the dreadlocks are sacred, and their formation is a religious ritual.

Kinki Kreations!Egyptian pharaohs wore dreadlocked wigs, and Celts sometimes sported dreadlocks, which they moulded with mud. There are many reasons for wearing dreadlocks. The dreadlock has also been linked with unstraightened hairstyles for peoples of African descent as a statement of racial pride. For many others, the dreadlocks are a fashion. Reggae music is heavily influenced by Rastafarianism. There are some 180,000 Rastafarians worldwide.

Bob Marley is famous for his dreadlocks. His song “Natty Dread” (1975) popularized the term. Natty referring to the knotty texture of the style. By the 1990’s the Dreads were becoming a trend among those desiring an individual style.

Nowadays this hairstyle is still very popular in Europe. In America this hairstyle is still associated with the "outlaw image," although the more noble variant, the so-called silky dreads are often allowed to be worn in the offices. Silky dreads are artificial hairs that are wrapped around dreadlocks.

Famous celebrities: Bob Marley (photo right) or Whoopi Goldberg (photo above right).

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questions and  Answers

Ryan Jones - King James: Believe the hype.

How long does my hair have to be to start dreads?
Your natural hair length has to be at least 7 to 10 cm. The length of the braids or curls is variable, with a maximum waistline length.

What exactly is done with the hair?
Braids and curls are woven into the hair close to the head and protect the natural hair. The colour of the natural or synthetic hair can be adapted depending on your natural hair colour or blended with another, more vivid colour.

By using a special technique strips of hair are woven and dependig on the technique used, it can take up to 8 hours!

How long will the hairstyle last?
In general the braids or dreadlocks can be worn for at least three to four months.

Are shampoo and conditioners bad for dreads?

Dreads and braids are a little harder to rinse well because they hold residues easier because of the way they are packed together. The residues can also cause itching and irritation on the scalp because they build up and the scalp cannot breath. It is advisable to ask your professional hairstylist which products you should use.




Difference between Rasta Dreads and Dreadlocks

Rasta dreads are often confused with dreadlocks while many people associate the word "rasta" with the famous Rastafarian Bob Marley and his felted head of hair. Rasta dreads are braided, but dreadlocks will form by themselves if the hair is simply left ungroomed for a long period of time - particularly if the hair is naturally coarse and kinky. If left alone for a time, eventually the dreadlocks will develop their own natural way of lying.

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