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Patrick Cameron.

Updo.Updos are not only very beloved as a wedding hairstyle or as a party style but also on other festive occasions it is one of the most favourite hairstyles. Nowadays ingenious creations of long and imaginative updos are very trendy.

Updos can optically "look slimming" if the volume is put on top of the back of the head. As a finishing touch let a few tendrils flow freely around the nape of the neck or some small locks of hair fall loosely across the side of the face.


Fortunately, there are also very simple updos that can be made without too much effort and which are perfect for any hair event. If you want to try it out yourself don't be driven to despair right away. Take your time to play with different variations and learn by doing it.

The most important rule of an updo is to keep it simple. You can start with a classic style like a classic French twist. Right now trends are updos that rather look "unstyled" and therefore look very natural.


How to style a French Twist?

  1. Slick back hair with gel.
  2. Pull hair down at nape of neck & twist it.
  3. Pin the twist into place - be sure to use sufficient pins.
  4. Spray your French twist with hairspray.


Updo examples


Updo tip

The shoulder-length hair should be divided in multiple sections. Afterwards roll the curling iron up and hold it for about ten seconds and release the curl. Than tease the top front of your hair and secure the sections of hair with bobby pins at the top.


Tricks of the professional Hair Stylists

  • Scarlett JohanssonIf you want a longer hold it is better to spray hairspray on your hair before you start styling your hair.

  • Don't wash your hair the day you're going to have an updo done. Dirty hair equals a better updo.

  • It is better to roll the hair on to big curlers so it will strengthen the hairline.

  • If you tease your hair use a brush instead of a comb - it will damage your hair less.

  • As a finishing touch mist all the curls with a good holding hairspray. If you use a "super hold" hairspray it is very hard to restyle your hairstyle.


  • Spray-on shine products should be sprayed over your finished style after using a "super-hold" hairspray. If you spray it beforehand it can effect the fixing negatively.

  • Teasing the top front of your hair gives you more volume and makes the styling easier. Professional stylists often use a dry shampoo and then comb the hair until all of the mixture is removed. Afterwards they start teasing it.

  • Before updoing your wet hair you should roll on your hair on to large Velcro rollers. Blow-dry your hair and leave hair to cool before removing the rollers. Your hair will be more flexible and much better to handle.



Patrick Cameron - the "maestro" of updos

Almost every hairdresser knows him or would love to have met him: David Cameron - the specialist in dressing long hair.

Besides training other hairdressers he also wrote very interesting books about how to dress long hair.

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Accessories and styling appliances

Brushes or combs with zinc grips are much easier to handle.

Tip for fine hair: Plastic hairpins are lighter and can be fixed better than metal pins. If you want them to be invisible you can buy the hairpins in your natural hair colour.



If you have thick and long hair it is advisable to use hair sticks instead of hairpins or hair bands, which are often used to style your hair up in a top knot.

Take your time to play with different variations and learn by doing it.



General hair styling accessories such as hairpins, hair sticks, hair screws, needles and hair bands can be bought at every chemist's or large (department) store. They can be braided into the hair or help to stabilise the updo. Polystyrene foam can also be used for creating a spectacular updo. If you pile up some parts and wrap it up with your hair the result is incredibly stunning (photo left).
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How to make romantic corkscrew locks?

Many updos require curly locks. To become those so-called spiralled locks you need an (electric) curling iron or a curling brush. If you use a curling brush release the hair within thirty seconds and select a brush large enough to wrap your hair easily. If your spiralled locks are too "spiralled" you can moist your hair again and release the hair within ten to twenty seconds - as long as the required spiralled locks have been formed.