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The bang issue  -  Yes or no?

The answer to this question is: "Maybe!" It depends on the shape of your face and also the actual hair style determines if you should have a short, long or asymmetrical bang. The right person to give you an objective opinion is your hairdresser.

Whether you have a round, square, oval or heart-shaped face - the haircut should have to work with your face shape. In this way a nice haircut will do justice to someone.


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At the moment the big bang trends are asymmetrical ones and bangs that cover at least your eyebrows. Both the asymetrical and the long bangs in combination with a bob haircut, especially a mod bob are trendy. Let your hairdresser advice you and give you some professional tips about cutting and changing your hairstyle. After all your best features should be enhanced by your hairstyle.

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Oval face

The oval face shape is the most ideal one and can be combined with all hairstyles.

There are two different bangs that will suit you best. If you have an oval face that is somewhat long you could consider a long bang with cheek length face-framing layers.

If you have a "perfect" oval face shape you could go for a "Mullet" Short Bang which will harmonize perfectly with trendy Retro and Hippie Outfits. The short bang can become a real eye-catcher in combination with long hair (Mullet = short front, long back).



"Mullet" Short Bang                                                "Mullet" Short Bang

Asymmetrical Bang                                                      Layered Bang


Long faces

If you have a long face a hairstyle with bangs can be ideal for you to make your face appear shorter. It is important that your hair style adds more width to the sides. A bang can cover up a large forehead.

Extreme long or short hair styles won't suit long face shaped people because they make the face look even longer. The ideal hairstyle is a chin-length bob that will add more width to your face.

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Round faces

The perfect hairstyles for round shaped faces are the ones that make your round face look smaller. Always avoid full and straight-falling bangs because they shorten the face. Also avoid center-parted hair because it will make your face optically broad. The A-line-bob is a hair style that suit women with round faces. Long in the front combined with a short or extreme short trimmed neck underneath the top hair. An A-line-bob will make your cheeks look smaller (see photo right).

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