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The classic BOB - always trendy

The first bob hairstyles date back to the Egyptians. The chin length bob became very popular in the twenties.

In 1963 the legendary English hairdresser Vidal Sassoon made it popular again. He created a short, angular hairstyle cut on a horizontal plane and recreated the more stylish classic "bob" haircut (click here to see the video cutting hair bob).

Nowadays the famous classic bob is back again with new fashionable possibilities. There are lots of modern variations of the traditional Bob - the "Long-Bob," the "Pageboy," the "A-Line-Bob," and "The Mod Bob."

At the moment the most popular and trendy bob hair styles are the A-line Bob and the Mod Bob.

Photo left: Renee Zellweger with a "Classic Bob"
Photo left: "Scully" with a "ClassicBob" (X-files )


Bobs & co.

Bob look.Classic Bob

The Bob was the classic look of the 20's. The style was short and straight and blow-dried and curled under. Originally a bob-haircut is short from the bottom of the ears all around the head haircut. It was worn either with straight cut bangs or with the hair brushed off the forehead. A bob used to be a short haircut that accentuated your cheekbones.

In time a Bob has become a description of the hair length from ear-length to the shoulder and can be combined with straight or asymmetrical bangs.





This style was very popular in the 50's and 60's. A pageboy is named after an English page boy (a servant boy) and is a smooth jaw-length hairstyle which is often combined with a horizontally shaped fringe or bang (see photo right).

Nowadays pageboys are a bit longer (shoulder-length) than the classic bob hair style and pageboys don't have the trimmed neck underneath the top hair.



A-line Bob

A so-called A-line Bob is a geometric bob with a straight fringe, so called because of the resemblance to the capital A with a horizontal line - the fringe - and two legs - the hair passing your ears- see picture on the right.

Especially young women go for this "hot scene" hairstyle. Long in the front combined with a short or extreme short trimmed neck underneath the top hair.

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Photo left: Catherine Zeta.
Photo right: Paris Hilton.



Asymmetrical Bob

A variation on the A-line Bob is the asymmetrical bob. This means the bang will be cut asymetrical to give a more playful touch to the classic Bob. Asymmetrical bobs can also be referred to by cutting hair on the back of the head much shorter than on the sides.

Asymmetrical bangs are also very trendy on short or longer hair styles.


Long Bob

A new trendy variation of the classic Bob is the so-called Long Bob. This Bob is a shoulder-length version of the traditional classic bob haircut.

The long-bob can also be combined with straight or asymmetrical bangs.

Photo left: Google Vice President Search Products & User experience - Marissa Mayer

Recently Britney Spears performed in the "Late Show" of David Letterman Show and not only surprised him with her new long Bob!

To watch the video click here>>>

Verona Pooth Feldbusch



A mod style is similar to a bob , but it adds more texture to the cut and is a lighter type of cut. With a mod style, a hair dresser create bangs that are heavy and can be pushed to one side of the head. People with this kind of haircut usually will have to use styling products ( wax, paste and pomade) in order to shape the hair and give it a "funky" look.

The mod bob often is combined with coloring accents.
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