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"Hot"  Braids

Since the 40's braiding hair has been very trendy. Braids can give you a natural and stylish look and are easy to wear. There are numerous variations: Simple braids (picture right - cover CD - Sarah Conner), creative braids, rastas or modern braids.

They all have one thing in common - the often young and girlish like braids match the actual Fashion Trend of the romantic retro look.

Photo left: Alternative Hair Sow London 2005.

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Nelly Furtado. The braided art works look more complicated than they are.

The most important thing is that you'll need to have at least shoulder-length hair and you don't have a very round face shape. Click here for more information about facial shapes and haircuts.

Besides that it can be useful to have a friend that could help you braiding. If you don't have the time to braid you can also make a ponytail. The ponytail is the most popular long hair style hairdo. Ask your hair stylist to give you some tips and tricks to braid your hair.


Interesting books about braiding

"The Usborne Book of Hair Braiding"
by Fiona Watt & Lisa Miles

"Kinki Kreations"
For kids

"Rose Marie's Braid Book"
by Rosemary Efundem Abange

"Easy Braids, Barrettes and Bows"
by Judy Sadler & Sarah English


Braided Celebrities