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Center-parted hair - Glamour look not only on catwalks...

At present the most favourable hair look on the catwalks of most international fashion designers is a center-part. Wether it is Missoni or Versace - nearly every model carries her long and usually straight hair center-parted.

The noble-classical luxury hair style fits many occasions, works cool, self confident and nevertheless feminine. To center-part your hair use a small comb and finish with a hairspray.

If you have a round face shape (symmetrically round) it is not te be recommended to go for center-parted hair - see also type and style advice. The goal of hair styles for round shaped faces is to make it look smaller. Small imperfections like asymmetrical brows step out more. Center-parted hair will emphasize symmetrical shaped faces even more.

Photo: Penelope Cruz

Unflattering photo: Center-parted hair and a missed regular touch-up appointment.
(Gwyneth Paltrow)

Photo: New collection Marc´O Polo