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Emily Strange (also Emily the Strange) is actually the main character of a 1993 comic. The 13-year-old girl has four black cats: Sabbath looks for trouble and usually finds it, Miles the fastest cat in town, Nee-Chee a nihilist and Mystery is the leader of the cat group that has a very close relationshiop with Emily.


Emily is, like her English name already says, very strange. She is a pessimist, unappropriated, does not like the contact with other people and is not interested in changing either of it. The typical "Emily Hair Style:" Usually black hair, straightened hair with a straight, blunt cut fringe hairstyle. You can also add some green or blue highlights (see picture left).


Not only for her hairstyle, but also the black, alternative original Emily clothes with a retro rockabilly fifties style (of the Cosmic Debris company) together with Emily's big white Mary Jane shoes are very hot. Since 1996 it is possible to buy Emily Strange attributes worldwide (Rome, Paris, Milan, Hongkong etc.).






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