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Boho, Hippie and Gipsy Style

At the moment the Bohemian style is very Trendy:
Hippie 60's stylish Hairstyles with Bohemian skirts, tunics and hippy blouses and look great with layered accessories (made from natural materials).

Natural hair styles such as ponytails, braided hair and long bangs in combination with headbands will accentuate your 60's look.

Bandanas or handcrafted hair pins and hair sticks, flowers and feathers are accessories that will make you feel even more Bohemian (photos below).


by Richard Lloyd

"Bohemian Modern"
by Barbara Bestor

by Barry Miles

"Hippie Crafts"
by Joanne O'Sullivan


Type advice

Book - THe Hippie Dictionary by John Bassett McCleary.Buying yourself a Bohemian outfit is easy, but it is more important that you also feel comfortable with this trendy look.

The options to create your personal style are endless as you can create your own individual style.




Origin of the Bohemian look

Boho is the informal word for Bohemian' meaning "somebody with an unconventional lifestyle." The origin of the word Bohemian is the Latin word "Boheme" or "gipsy."

The English word Gipsy is synonym for "a member of a nomadic people originating in northern India and now living on all continents." Nomadics are known for their unconventional way of life.

In the 60's hippies were members of a Youth Movement who rejected established values and who believed in love, peace and freedom.

In connection with fashion the gipsy, bohemian and hippy influences are responsable for the hottest actual fashion trend. They stand for an individual and independent lifestyle - e.g. style icons like Sienna Miller, the Olsen Twins and Kate Moss

Photo above: Sienna Miller having a break from shootings

...with headband

...with feathers

  Photo:  MEXX