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Feminine Short hair

First of all the shape of your face will determine if the short haircut will look good on you. A perfect oval shaped face can wear any haircut. Round and square faces may need longer pieces in the back or you may need to wear an off-centerpart to soften the roundness. Click here for more information about facial shapes & haircuts >>>

The most important part of having a short hair cut is the texture of your hair. Different layers and soft edges makes your hair vivid and emphasize your personality - e.g. stars like Lisa Stansfield (photo right), Sienna Miller (photo left and right below), Victoria Beckham and Halle Barry (photo below left).

Besides that it also to be advised to have a professional hair stylist to do the job. He will be able to cut a short haircut so you will have various and different styling options.

Another issue to decide to have a short hair style is the fact that short hair needs to be trimmed every 4 - 6 weeks.

If you consider a short hair style it is to be recommended to ask your hairdresser's advice so you will also be able to style your trendy short hair at home.


An advantage of having a short hair style is that your hair will never look damaged due to the fact that it is frequently cut.



Various Styling Options

Varying your products and styling techniques give you a full range of new looks.

You can have dramatic spikes if you use a styling gel or wax (just like Anastacia's cool wet look, see photo right).

If you want a more smooth and sophisticated look you can blow dry your hair so it will lay soft against your face.

Photo above: Singer Sarah Connor

"Short" Spice

The former Spice Girl and the most famous football players' wife worldwide (Football Star David Beckham) got fed up with her long hair. Everybody is speculating about the reason why she changed her look. It is said that she needed the new Hair Style for a... more

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