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Hairy facts & numbers

Men have an average amount of beard hairs of about 7000 - 15.000. They grow (just like the hair on our scalp) more than 1cm per month - 14cm. per year.

Comparison: The average male beard has has the same number of hairs as a women's legs and underarms combined (7.000 - 15.000).

Facial men's hair grows about 0.3mm - 0.5mm per day (per year 9cm)!

An average man will have spent 900 hours shaving (37,5 days of his life removing facial hair) between ages 15 - 75 years. The majority of men (84%) shave at the sink - the rest shave in the shower. Men between the ages of 18 and 24 shave an average of four times a week. Men over the age of 35 shave an aveage of six times a week.
(Source: S.C. Johnson & Son)

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When did people start to shave? Men have been shaving since antiquity. Much of the body was shaven by the ancient Egyptians. Men were always clean shaven and used razors made from bronze to shave their beards and heads.


wet or dry shave?

That's the important question. In America, Canada and Europe more and more males prefer to shave wet (68%). Always use a razor whit the sharpest blades available.

The most effective wet shave is achieved by using a three blades head which often has a mositured strip enriched with a combination of Aloe Vera, vitamin E or botanical oils.

Benefits of electric (dry) shaving are ease of use and less chance of cuts and scrapes. With an electric shaver your hair needs to be dry before you start shaving so the are easier to shear once they have gotten inside the heads of the shaver.

At the moment there are also some wet/dry electric shavers on the market.


Who invented the razor?

King Camp Gilette (1855–1932, photo right) had no idea that we would still be using his invention (patent in 1901) after more than hundred years. In 1903 he had been selling his safety razor (photo below) and started the company Gillette.

He used to say: "There is no other article for individual use so universally known or widely distributed. In my travels, I have found it in the most northern town in Norway and in the heart of the Sahara Desert." (Source: Website Gillette.com).

Gillette claims to be the worldwide market leader in blades & razors (like Gillette MACH3 for men and Gillette for women Venus) and shave preparations

Link:   American Razor Museum |



Billions for blades

In 2005 the famous company Procter & Gamble (known for consumer goods like Ariel, Dash and Pampers) acquired Gillette for an amount of USD 57 billion.

Where are the blades produced?

In July, 2006 P&G opened the largest Gillette blades and razors and blades operations facility in Poland (Lódz). They invested USD 150 million and will produce 1.5 billion units annually that will be exported worldwide. It's P&G's second second mayor manufacturing and packaging facility in Poland besides the already operating third largests Pampers baby diapers factory in the world in Warsaw.



Gillette's advertising icon

Beck's new advertising contract with Gillette is his largest amd is worth about USD 75,000,000.

In the "Feeling of Gillette" campaign he will appear in newspapers, magazines, billboards and on television. Beckham's successful image as football star is supposed to market the new shaver MACH3.

Although Beckham seemed to be a less fortuate sportsman after his private affairs and his famous missed penalty at the European Championship, Pepsi still wanted to contract him.

At the beginning of 2004 Beckham also participated in an advertising campaign "Nothing is impossible." Together with e.g. Muhammed ALi, who was virtually copied, and other famous sports giants

The last five years David has already earned USD 18,000,000 from the worldwide second biggest coke producer PEPSI. He performed in a PEPSI commercial together with RnB Superstar Beyoncé, Pink and Britney Spears.

For another ad he performed together with football stars like Thierry Henry, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho to pose in front of a giant... more

Tips  for the perfect shave

  • Use a razor with at least two blades and a lubricating strip which colour fades away when the blade is no longer to be used.
  • The best time to shave is during the shower but after will work just fine. The reason for this is so that the warm water and steam help to open the pores and soften your beard. If you happen to shave after your shower, continue to use warm water the whole time throughout the process.
  • Cuts from rasing may bleed 15 minutes - to stop bleeding you can use a styptic pencil. Ifyou shave while in the showe the bleeding stops much quickly.
  • (Electric) dry shaver: If you take a shower before dry shaving it is important to wait until your face is completely dry before you start shaving. Taking a (hot) shower helps open your pores and soften your facial hairs.
  • Soften facial hairs with hot water - the shave area can handle hotter water than the rest of your body.
  • It is important to know in which direction your whiskers grow. It is usually not always in the same direction and mostly causes irritation for many men. Always shave with the beard, never against the grain. Go over the area once or twice.
  • Most side effects (like cuts and irritation) can be minimized by using a fresh blade(depending on the beard growth) and avoiding pressing down with the razor.
  • Do not share the razors with other people.

Aftershave - Balsam or Lotion?

Every man knows the side effects after shaving like skin irritation, shave bumps, redness and burning sensations. Alcohol-based aftershave should not be applied to the skin immediately after shaving protecting it from skin irritation and dryness. It is better to apply a balm or toner which contains no alcohol. Instead, apply a balm or toner with ingredients that will moisturize and nourish your skin.

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