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Attractive recommendation

We are always glad to inform our users about other interesting webpages and/ or integrate a link in a related article (private homepage, portal, blog, forum, etc.).

Provided that the content of the page is related to the article and the website doesn't have any pop-ups or other exagerated ads. Exceptionally some online shops are permitted to participate.

If you like our site we would be very obliged if you recommend it. A small hidden text link just won't do. A HairWeb recommendation and a specific link of a relevant thematical site upgrades your webpage and will only make your site more attractive for visitors.

The HairWeb recommendation link should be easy to find and should be placed in the right thematical site, just like your recommendation on our page. However, it doesn't matter on which sites you integrate the link. Besides a regularly link at our homepage you can also place a link to a specific HairWeb article, e.g. "Hair Extensions"  (http://www.HairWeb.org/hair-extensions.htm).

If your webpage meets our demands (see above) we are looking forward to receiving your eMail (info@hairweb.org).

Your HairWeb Team