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Star hairdressers in  England

Vidal Sassoon  -  the legend

In 1963 Vidal Sassoon (photo left) invented a revolutionary new cutting technique. The hairs are mathematically calculated, divided and cut off in accurate contours.

Until now this cutting technique has been taught in the hairdressing scene, as well as in the Sassoon hairdressing academies.

Vidal Sassoon is the "inventor" of the bob, which nowadays is still one of the most beloved trendy hairstyles.



In 1957 he teamed up with the fashion designer Mary Quant. He turned the fashion designer herself into a "bobbed" hair icon. Besides that she is also a fashion icon - originator of the mini skirt of the sixties. .

Photo above: Vidal Sassoon at th Global Business Awards (2006)

His book "Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way" will teach you, step-by-step, how the main basic and advanced haircuts are achieved. It is backed by many photographs which actively demonstrate how to... for more information click here (amazon)

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Lee Stafford - Think Pink

The young British Hair Stylist started cutting hair of friends and family members in his mum's living room before his career hitted of. In 1996 he opened his first Salon in Essex and in the year 2000 he opened his second Salon in Soho.

Mr. Stafford is one of the most important Trendsetter in Hair Styling and won many prestigious prices. In 2005 he was nominated and won the "Men's British Hairdresser - Award."

He got even more famous because of his numerous television appearances. In "The Hairdresser" on "living TV" he gives viewers an intimate look into his hairdressing world and into his personal life. He has also developed his own hair care line "Lee Stafford" which has been distributed internationally.



Patrick Cameron - the "maestro" of updos

Almost every hairdresser knows him or would love to have met him: David Cameron - the specialist in dressing long hair.

Besides training other hairdressers he also wrote very interesting books about how to dress long hair.

Photo above: Dressing long hair 2 (amazon)

Photo right: Dressing Long Hair 4 (amazon)



Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy is short for the initials of two brothers of the Italian hairdresser's family Mascolo: Guiseppe (Tony) and Gaetano (Guy).

Todays worldwide operating hairdresser's imporium has been founded by Francesco Mascolo, who worked as a hairdresser in Pompeji (Italy). In 1956 he won an award and he won a trip to London. In London he met his future wife Maria, and raised a family of four. He taught all of them the tricks of the trade: Guiseppe (Toni, foto right), Gaetano (Guy, foto left), Bruno, Andrea and Anthony.

In 1963 Toni & Guy opened their first salon in London (foto right: Toni with a customer). Shortly after, Bruno Mascolo also joined the business and also competed in several hairdressing competitions.

In 1974 Anthony Mascolo finished his academy and started to work for his big brothers. At this time the Mascolo's already had three salons in London. In 1985 Bruno went to the United States and opened his own salon in Dallas, where he developed the hair care line TIGI.

In the eighties, Anthony (foto left) started to win lots of hairdressing awards, like "Hairdresser of the year" (several times) and his face was often seen on television and on the magazine covers. Moreover he presented his new techniques and styles at major hair shows all around the world.

In the early nineties Tony & Guy started franchising their salons in England, Germany and around the world (from Rio, Sydney, Reykjavik, Madrid, Dubai, Cairo, Bucharest, Paris, Geneva, Casablanca, Auckland, Wellington, Vienna until Tokyo). At the moment they franchise more than 500 salons worldwide.

Today, the Toni & Guy founder Toni Mascolo (foto left) manages the American franchise hairdresser's chain "essensuals" with his daughter Sacha and his son Christian.

In America Sacha styled amongst ohers Jerry Hall, George Michael and Tom Hanks.

His son Christian Mascolo published a hairstyling book named "Essensuals - Next Generation Tony & Guy. Step by Step" (cover right, amazon).

Bruno (foto left) and his brother Anthony (see foto above) carrys the hair care line TIGI ("Bed Head", "Catwalk", "Hardcore").

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Charles Worthingon

In 1986 the Londoner founded his company. To this very day he owns five well-known salons in London. More than 100 employees take care of 2.500 customers weekly. In 1993 he was London's Hairdresser of the year and in November 1998 he won the "British Hairdresser of the Year" for the second time.

Worthinton has developed his hair care line and distributes it in more than nine other countries. His hair care line is number one when it comes to selling hair care products in England.

His prominent customers are e.g. Jamie Oliver, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Sandra Bernhardt and supermodel Mena Suvari. One of his busiest period is his "presence" at the Oscar Awards in Hollywood.

Charles Worthington also gives international seminars and wrote several books about styling hair "Complete Book of Hairstyling."

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Aidan Phelan

The personal hairdresser of David Beckham won the title of "Hairdresser of the year" twice in England. The native Stafford (Leigh on Sea) flew every eight days to Madrid to style David's hair or to give him a new look.

Curious: At the last football Championship David's wife, Victoria (Ex Spice Girl), ordered him to fly to Japan to style David's hair. It did not work out: England lost the game after Beckham's new haircut.

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Nicky Clarke - der Fashion-Stylist

He got trained by Leonard, the legendary hairdresser of the seventies. Afterwards he got famous in the fashion scene as a session stylist at foto shootings for leading European and American fashion magazines. The top hairdresser is often seen at international fashion shows, as the Clark team works together with designers like Calvin Klein, Chloe, Versace and Alexander McQueen.

In May 1991 he opened his salon "Mayfair" in London and marketed his product line hairomatherapy. In the same year Liz Hurley (ex-wife of Hugh Grant, foto above left) got noticed at the premiere of "Four weddings and a funeral" because of her extravagant haircut. Nicky Clarke styled her hair for this unique occasion and has been her favourite hairdresser ever since.

Soon the British top stylist also styled other "Hollywood stars" e.g. Gwyneth Paltrow the winner of the last Oscar Awards, Natalie Portman (" Cold Mountain"), Nicole Kidman (ex-wife of Tom Cruise), Charlize Theron ("Monster", foto left) and Lucy Liu. Even the British Royalty will only let their hair done by Nicky.

The 44 year-old has been nominated several times as "London hairdresser of the year" and "British hairdresser of the year." He charges up to USD 625 for a haircut.

Trends by Nicky Clarke

The new hair fashion has been inspired by stars like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. For example a noble hair colour with a special gleam and a precise cut, that can be styled differently and that suits your personality. A first class look with an understatement.

Looks that can be varied and smooth haircuts are Clarke's top trends. The new hair looks are not only noble, but also variable in shape and form: One haircut - two looks - it has to be done fast as many customers do not have much time for time-consuming stylings.

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Ben Cooke

Short hair expert

Ben Cooke has been a talented hairdresser for more than twenty years. In the London Chelsea Cooke and Jonathan Long have their own salon "Lockonego" (anagram of their both family names).

Nowadays he is working for famous fashion designer like Valentino, Versace and Dolce & Gabanna. He is the creator and responsable for the new catwalk hair styles. Besides that he found the time to cut Victoria Beckham's famous bob! His specialty is short hair cuts. Other famous clients of his are: Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Naomi Campbell, Thany Newton, Joely Richardson, West Life and Minnie Driver.

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Stars at their hairdressers

HairWeb searched and spotted secret photos how Stars and Top Models get styled at their stylists. For example Paris Hilton - blow-drying hair (photo right).

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