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Stars  and  celebrities at their hairdresser 

Top secret:
Celebrities & Stars and their Hair Stylists

Many people wonder how often Stars visit their Hair Stylist and "which one?" The answer is that Stars frequently visit their Hair Stylists and sometimes paparazzis are waiting outside and are lucky to shoot the first photo of their (new) look.

It is very hard to find information about the Stars' hairdressers. Obviously the discrete Star Stylists do not want to give any details about their customers, especially their famous ones. HairWeb managed to get hold of some pictures of celebrities!

Photo right: Paris Hilton styled by Wolfgang Lippert (München Germany).

Stars & Stylist 


Paris Hilton

The fortune heiress of the Serie "Simple live"

Stylist: In 2005 she visited the Star Stylist Wolfgang Lippert in München.

Actress Lisa Kudrow lets her hair style with a curling iron.

She played the role of "Phoebe Buffay" in the Comedy Serie "Friends" together with Jennifer Aniston.

Stylist: Unknown.

Claudia Schiffer

(Top Model)

Stylist: unknown.

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Jessica Simpson

Singer / Actress

"In this skin"

Stylist: Ken Pavés

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Eva Herzigova

(Top Model)

Stylist: unknown



Ling Bai  Actress

| Anna and the King | Red Corner | Wild Wild West |

Stylist: Vidal Sassoon

Ling Bai.Ling Bai.Ling Bai.

Summer Altice


| Wedding Crashers | Grind |

Stylist: Vidal Sassoon

Molly Sims


"Starsky & Hutch"

Stylist: unknown

Sarah Paulson


"What women want"

Stylist: unknown

Lisa Edelstein


| What women want | Open Water |

Stylist: Charles Worthington

Petra Nemcova

Top Model

Stylist: unknown

Shannon Elizabeth


| American Pie | Scary Movie |

Stylist: Charles Worthington

Keisha Castle-Hughes


"Whale Rider"

Stylist: Frederic Fekkai

Rosario Dawson


"Men in Black II"

Stylist: Frederic Fekkai

Gisele Bündchen

Top Model, actress and ex-girlfriend of Leonardo diCaprio. beim Föhnen vor einer Modenshow)

Her favourits Stylist "Italo" - click here to see a Video

Salon: Duda Molinos - Sao Paulo

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Angie Harmon


"Fun with Dick and Jane" (with Jim Carrey - in Produktion)

| Agent Cody Banks | Good Advice |

Serie "Law and order"

Stylist: Kevin Woon

Leila Arcieri


| Wild Things 2 | xXx - Triple X |

Stylist: unknown

Tia Carrere


| Serie Murder One | Robocop |
| Wayne's World |

Stylist: unknown



With short Hair Style before styling the Pepsi commercial (see below).

Stylist: Gilberto Febles (Miami)

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Elvis' army haircut for a two-year service with the United States army (from March 1958 until Spring 1960). Elvis got his haircut in the "Ray Barracks" in Friedberg (Germany).

Stylist: unknown

Until 1964 Mr. Homer "Gille" Gilleland used to be The King's Hair Stylist. Besides that he also cut Elvis' mother Gladys (little photo right). From then on Mr. Geller, one of the first American Star Stylist... more

After his death parts of his famous "Elvis quiff" are sold by auctions. "Elvis' hair" sometimes were even sold for more than 100.000 Dollar (see picture).

ELvis is in the Army now!

Britney Spears

Before the Salon of Frederic Fekkai in Beverly Hills (see Salon sign on the right).

Stylist: Frederic Fekkai



Heidi Klum

Super Model

Heidi at the Star Coiffeur
on the set of  "Blow Dry"


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Washing, Cutting, styling: Vincent (Peter McDonald) finishes the hair model Jasmine (Heidi Klum) (Photo: VOX)

Diana Dondoe (Rumanian Top Model) and the French Football Star Robert Pires styled for Fashion shoot of the Star Stylist Marc Lopez.

"Making-of" Video