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Angelina  Jolie

Angelina Jolie anorexic?

Brad Pitt is worried about his 90 pounds underweight partner. Angelina also became more distant. Her weight loss and her depressions started after the loss of her mother (Source: MSN).


4th child

This time the adoption procedure was in Vietnam. A little three-year-old boy called Thien (=sky) became Jolie's Pax Thien Jolie. His adoption mother added Pax (=piece) to his first namen. He spent three years at an orphanage in before Jolie adopted him in March 2007.


Later Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have added "Pitt" to adopted son Pax last name. Pax full name will now be Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt instead of Pax Thien Jolie. The reason was that she filed adoption papers as a single parent because she and partner Brad Pitt aren't married.

Photos of Thien: Photo one | photo two |

Together with their daughter Shiloh and adoptive brother and sisters Maddox from Cambodia and Zahara from Ethiopia they are now one family.

Heaven's gift

Who would have thought that Angelina would be the new face of the American luxury apparel label St. John. It did not interest the media though. Understandable because what really mattered was the baby of boyfriend Brad Pitt who was born in May 2006 via Caesarean section.

For weeks the prominent couple and their adoptive children (see below) prepared themselves in the „Burning Shore Lodge“ in Namibia (Africa) for their new daughter. Her name is "Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt“ and she was born in Namibia. Shiloh is Hebrew and means „the peaceful one.“ Nouvel is French for "the new". <<< more photos >>>

Both Hollywood stars (nicknamed "Brandgelina") want to help less fortunate newborn children in the developing world by donating all profits to charity. People magazine agreed to pay 4,1 million dollar for rights of the pictures of Shiloh. Angelina and Brad also released private photos of which all profits will be given to charity. No specific foundation was announced yet.

The money will be donated to UNICEF. The couple recently said they would also donate 160,000 pounds for maternity equipment in Namibia. They also donated 300.000 dollar to the hospital in which Shiloh was born.

Jolie in Namibia: Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo gallery | Baby | Gallery |

Photo above: St JohnKnits

Like a drug - Ideal partner in the end a woman?

Just before her marriage to Brad Pitt a former lover of Angelina Jolie (30) made a spectacular statement. Jenny Shimizu (38) confessed to the Online Service "IMdb.com" that she definitely doesn't believe in a long term relationship between Brad and Angelina. She also stated: "I was her first woman and although she has a baby with Brad, I seriously doubt it that I am going to be her last... bisexuality is like a drug, you'll never get over it."

She should know: In the nineties she claims to have had a passionate affaire with the famous Hollywood actress. At he moment Shimizu is having a relationship with the bisexual ex-lover of David Beckham, the Dutch Rebecca Loos (photo above at the right). The football star had cheated on his wife, the ex Spice Girl Victoria, with Rebecca Loos... more

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Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband Brad Pitt already met the twice- divorced (see photo left) Angelina Jolie (30) on the set of the thriller "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Pitt and Jolie play extremely skilled professional assassins who have managed to stay married for five years without ever realizing each other's profession because they work for rival agencies and the work is top secret.

One of the filmcrew members commented that after a while they were acting more and more like a "real" married couple.

Pitt's brother Dough found out that Angelina is pregnant with Brad's baby. Brad and Angelina are set to get married soon. He has already adopted her two children.

The 5.6 ft. tall Jolie, who amongst others became famous as an action amazon in Tomb Rider (photo left), recently got the leading part in "Alexander" - a Greek epos of the successful director Oliver Stone.

As "Olympia" (photo above) she is playing the mother of star Colin Farrel (Gladiator) only one year younger than her in real life. Obviously, she had to be made up heavily so she would optically look "older".




Private life

Angelina's life started turbulently: Her father is the American actor Jon Voight. In 1979 daddy received an Academic Reward for the movie "Coming Home. Her mother is the actress Marcheline Bertrand (photo right). In 2004 Jolie decided that she didn't want to have a relationship with her father anymore. After he exploited a claim that she had "serious emotional problems," she legally dropped Voight as her last name. Now she uses her middle name as her last name.

Being surrounded by actresses and actors it was pretty clear in which professional direction Angelina would move: At age five she already had her movie debut in the comedy "Lookin' to get out," which was co-produced and co-written by her father.


Shortly after her parents seperated, little Angelina grew up with her mother Marcheline in London, New York and Los Angeles and ever since she has suffered with depression.

At the age eleven she attended the legendary Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. At sixteen she worked briefly as a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles. Later on she moved to Los Angeles and she began working with the Met Theatre Group.



Déja vus? Shootings, marriages and divorces

So far Jolie has acted together with all of her husbands and then she turned them down. One of her important lessons in love could be "Never fall in love with a collegue!"

At the age of twenty she married Jonny Lee Miller, who played together with Angelina in "Hackers." Three years later she divorced him...

Her second husband was also a fellow actor named Billy Bob Thornton, they got married and in 2002 (after two years) she divorced him...

After her role as his wife in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" she also wanted the sexy Brad Pitt to become her "man" after the shootings...

The Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissions for Refugees recently adopted her second child. During an "official journey" to Ethiopia she met "Zahara Marley", a baby girl who had been orphaned by aids, from Ethiopian parents.
It is said that the girl's mother had aids. Angelina would not give any additional information on the baby's health status, size or weight.

Her boyfriend Brad Pitt, who accompanied her on her trip to Ethiopia, got seriously ill from... more

Photo above: Worldvision

The main reason for the second adoption is her first adoptive son Maddox (photo left). He loves Africa and wanted to have an African brother or sister. The Cambodian boy Maddox was delivered to a movie set in Africa by Lauryn Galindo, the adoption facilitator.

Curious: The little boy shares a passion for airplanes. Angelie bought a plane and is learning how to fly. Pitt has also joined Jolie in taking flying lessons.

Angelina Jolie: Sometimes short, sometimes long or just blonde...

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