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Ben   Affleck &  Jennifer  Garner

Alleged womanizer with Toupee ?

Ben Affleck is one of the many celebrities who are suspected of suffering of hairloss (see article "Since when is he wearing a hiarpiece?" below). The hairpiece or wig wearing Hollywood Star Ben Affleck (born 1972) has been performing in a funny commercial ad for the new Axe deodorant.

In the Axe Commercial Ben is walking into a restaurant charming girls with the new Axe click fragrance and is keeping score with the new clicker. Clicking his way through the day he scored 103 clicks. When he gets on the elevator he meets the young housekeeper which clicker counted 2372 clicks/ flirts that day. The "unattractive" type is called Scoot McNairy (photo right). He is starting off his acting carreer in the new movie thriller "Bobby" together with Sharon Stone.

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Mr. & Mrs. Affleck

After months of rumours he finally married Jennifer Garner (photo left, born 1972 ). He said yes to his collegue Jennifer in a luxourious resort on the small Caribbean island Parrot Cay. Affleck bought Jennifer a 500.000 US Dollar, 4.5-carat Harry Winston engagement ring.

On December 1, 2005 she gave birth to her first child, named Violet Anne Affleck.

The Hollywood couple met at shootings for "Pearl Harbor" (2001) and afterwards they got to know each other better at the set of the action movie "Daredevil" (2003), in which also Jennifer Lopez played one of the leading parts.

In Spain Ben is acting in a commercial spot for a new deodorant for Axe (Click).

Past history

In 2003 the Latina Babe Jennifer Lopez fell in love with Ben who already suffered from hair loss. In the beginning of 2004 they got separated and put off their wedding plans.

Jennifer Garners first marriage with Scott Foley didn''t last long. Already after a few months they decided to divorce (photo right).

Since when is he wearing a hairpiece?

According to press reports of the "Daily Star" the actor and scenario writer Ben Affleck is wearing a hairpiece. At a party his hairpiece flew off.

The newspaper stated that Affleck and fellow actor Vince Vaughn (partner of Jennifer Aniston) started play-fighting and his carefully concealed hairpiece suddenly flew up in the air.

The "ex" of Jennifer Lopez was really embarrassed and he begged his friends to keep it a secret. "He is very private when it comes to his hairloss," one of Ben's friends told the newspaper.

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"Hairy" commercial spot with a double

An absolute flop was launched by the hair care company L'Oréal in England:

The shampoo commercial spot with Ben Affleck (wage: 0,85 million Pounds). Affleck claimed that the spot would not be used in America as it could harm his image.

The spots for the shampoo Vita-max (photo below) will also only be released in England.

At this time Ben still had all his locks and was together with Latina Vamp Jennifer Lopez who did not want to join the commercial spot.

Affleck flirted in the commercial with a woman that looked like JLo. The supermodel Frankie Rayder (photo right).

It was a shame though that the English people found this all very hurtful and protested - the commercial spot for the shampoo was cancelled. The responsable L´Oreal team must have been wondering: "Was that worth it?"

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