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BeyoncÉ  &  Destiny´s  Child

Secret wedding in tent in New York City

Beyoncé and her longterm friend, the rapper Jay-Z, secretly prepared their Wedding. No wonder, friends state that Beyoncé is pregnant. They both really kept it a secret that they were to be wed after gettting their marriage licence. On Friday, April 4, 2008 at 4 o`clock the event finally took place (four is their lucky number; Jay-Z was born on December 4, 1969 and Beyoncé born September 4, 1981). Before the party took place Jay-Z`s TriBeCa apartement was redecorated for their small wedding (thirty guests). A white party tent set on the roof, big, silver candlelights and about 50,000 white orchids were delivered. Hopefully the weather was fine, as it can be very cold in the Big Apple in April...

Beyonce´s wedding hairstyle: A simple ponytail with a white flower in her hair.

Guests - Source: People Magazin:

Gwyneth Paltrow + husband Chris Martin
George Clooney
Ex-"Destiny's Child" Kelly Rowland
Actress Michelle Williams
Oprah Winfrey

It is official - video link

Beyoncé videos:
 Paparazzi video |   `Listen` Live

Beyoncé photos:  Photo 1 | Photo 2   | Photo: Beyonce @ The Oscars
Duet Beautyful liar: Beyonce & Shakira


At the European premiere (London) of her new movie "Dreamgirls" (see below) a picture of her new, almost unvisible hairloss "must-have." It is a "front wig" from genuine hair (about 700 USD). This kind of hair pieces are also worn by e.g. Tyra Banks and John Travolta. 


The movie version of the Broadway Musical is telling the succesfull story of the 70's Soul Diva and her legendary Soul Trio "The Supremes".  In order to play the part of Diana Ross (photo right) Beyonce Knowles had to loose 20 pounds. Dreamgirls" came into the night with eight nominations, but in the end walked away with only two honors: One for Jennifer Hudson and one for soundmixing.

                                                 <<< Video "Dreamgirls" movie trailer with Beyoncé >>>

Photo above: Effie (Jennifer Hudson) | Deena (Beyonce Knowles) | Lorrell (Nani Anika Rose)


New Album

Before her 25th birthday Beyoncé released her second solo album (born: September 4, 1981).

It is called "B'Day" - B Day includes the hit single Deja Vu, the radio smash "Check-on-it" and the next single "Ring The Alarm." On the cover Beyoncé`s sophisticated updo hair style.

In the video she is singing together with her husband-to-be Rapper Jay-Z ( photo left).



Beyoncé has postponed her wedding to rapper Jay-Z so she can make a movie about her career. Her husband to be, Rapper Jay-Z will have to wait patiently. Or maybe he will hold on to one of his lovers Wendy (photo right).

Fashion designer Steven Cutting (New York) is responsable for Beyoncé's outfits.

Foto:   "Check on it" (amazon)

Beyoncé loves grey haired men

Beyoncé stars as sexy Xania in the movie "The Pink Panther."

Together with grey haired actor Steve Martin (inspector Clouseau, photo left), Jean Reno and Kevin Kline she is also playing the leading role as Xania (an international pop singer) in the movie "The Pink Panther" (DVD's at amazon).

The afro-american R&B Singer released a new song "Check on it," which is also the Pink Panther soundtrack.

Millions  -  "Because I'm worth it"

The African singer Beyoncé Knowles is the best paid "hairmodel" in the world.

The successful RnB queen's exceptional annual wage for only ten days of shooting is 4.8 million US Dollars. She has to be available ten days a year for photo shoots and make personal appearances within that time.

L`Oreal has the option to extend those ten days to a maximum of two days more and of course she will get paid 26.000 US Dollar a day for the extra time. An additional 20% commission of this amount is paid to Wilhelmina Artist management, inc.

The appropriately titled L`Oreal slogan for the advertising campaign for England & America is „Because I'm worth it“.


L´Oreal contract

Acording to "The Sun" some juicy contract details(14 pages):

"Beyonce's must keep her hair in "excellent condition" and she has agreed to inform L`Oreal if she plans to make "any radical change" or "any alteration" to her hair.

If she cannot work for more than a month due to illness, sun burn or injuries these will be grounds to void the contract.

Photo above: Beyonce and her sister Solange who played her first movie part in "Bring it On: All or Nothing."

Another Internetsite put the complete contract of L`Oreal ( Advertising Agency McCann) online.

Also in the contract, it states that L'Oreal has the right to inspect Beyonce's hair, but only after giving her two weeks notice.

Beyonce would only sign the contract if her mother, Tina Knowles, would be one of the stylists working on her hair at all shoots.


Beyoncé´s cuddly toy

The now 18 month old pekinese "Munchie" of pop Star Beyoncé Knowles has recently been voted as America's most wanted pet.

The American animal magazine, 'Animal Fair,' put them both on the cover (photo right).... more

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Perfume song

Also Tommy Hilfiger spent a considerable sum: For a commercial for the new perfume TRUE STAR ex-Destiny's Child music diva had to lay down on the couch all day long and only earned 1.6 million US Dollars (more than 37.000 US Dollars per hour). Besides that she had to sing an exclusive a capella version of "Wishing on a Star," that also features on her "Live in Wembley-CD."

<<< Star video: Beyoncé´s True Star commercial >>>

Pepsi & Beyoncé

Beyoncé certainly will not starve in the future: Together with Pink, Britney Spears and David Beckham they will be dressed as gladiators in a Pepsi commercial to promote the new Pepsi bottles.



Destiny's Child

Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are the most succesfull female R&B vocal group of all times (have sold more than 40 million records). After their last Album Destiny Fulfilled (amazon) and their "Destiny fulfilled... and lovin' it" tour the group officially announced that they would not be performing together anymore in Barcelona.

Beyoncé Knowles with Wig


Beyoncé - Calendar 2007.
Beyoncé - Calendar 2007.