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  Britney  Spears 

  • "Which one will I wear today?" Britney at a wig shop >>> photo

"Oops, I'll have to cover my hair up now"

Nowadays Britnea is wearing wigs to hide her baldness. Fact is that hair grows about half an inch per month, so she has some time left to surprise us with her new wig collection.

Although many people don`t care if Britney is bald or having hair extensions, lots of people would like to know more details about why she shaved off all of her hair.

Having left rehab after one day, she came into the "Ester`s hairdressing Studio" in Tarzana, California and told Ester to buzz her hair off. Ester obviously refused and then Britney said: "I`ll do it myself." Esther commented that Britney told her her hair extentions were too tight and she wanted to get rid of them. And so she did. Afterwards Britney showed up at "Body & Soul Tattoo parlor" in Sherman Oaks and agreed to have two tattoos, red and pink lips on her wrist and a black, pink and white cross on her lower hip.

"Oops, I did it again" Britney has completely shocked her fans by shaving her head completely bald. Two days after it seems that the 25-year-old mother is already regretting shaving off her locks. She was seen covering up her head with a blonde wig to hide her new bald look (photo right).

In the New York Daily news her Aunt Wanda says that Brit was very upset by the death of her Aunt Sandra Bridges Covington who died of cancer in January.

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Britney Spears Hair for sale on eBay

The Tognozzis (owners of Ester`s Hairdressing Studio) claim to have the genuine hair and will be selling it on eBay for as much as $1M of which some will go to charity. Million other people are also trying to sell Britney`s fake hair.

Ebay removed the auction as it is very difficult to find out which hair is authentic.

It is not the first time famous hair was sold at auctions. After his death parts of "Elvis' hair" sometimes were even sold for more than... click here for more information.

"The history of finally ending up bald"

Being blonde used to be her identifying mark - after a visit to her favourite hairdresser Frederic Fekkai who coloured her hair brown for a while, Britney is blonde again. The Pop millionaire just had hair extensions (60 cm) with one of the most expensive types of hair (virgin hair) and as a finishing touch a couple of blond high lights. Shortly after she was on the cover of a magazine being pregnant and with black hair >>> Photo

Women especially change their looks as things in their personal life change radically. Britney Spears also changed her hair colour after her second spontaneous wedding in only one year.

Quite a while before her pregnancy Britney had problems with increasing weight.
Photos prove how she frequently visits fast food restaurants in her jogging suite (photo left). Also her personal body coach "Prince" could not help her. She just stopped calling him.
After giving birth to her second son Sutton Pierce Mama Britney appeared in a Television Show (The Late Show with David Letterman - November 2006) with a completely new Look. Britney has never had that short hair before.

Britney choose to have an asymmetrical Trendy Long Bob - the shoulderlength version of the traditional classic Bob haircut. <<< Click here to see her performance at David Letterman's Show >>>

She didn´t have the bob long. At the last MTV Music Awards she showed up with long blonde hair - hair extensions - which she proudly showed in the disco together with her blonde girlfriend Paris Hilton. After her hair extensions she did something even the HairWed editors could hardly believe. She completely shaved off her hair extensions herself (photo below - February 2006).

By the way, she checked in to rehab (founded by Eric Clapton) only one day before she shaved her head and checked out 24 hours later.

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Britney´s babies

Only eight months after the birth of her first son Preston Michael Spears Federline (2005) she gave birth to her second son Sutton Pierce Federline (2006).His idle father, probably ex dancer Kevin Federline (27) is already looking forward to making money with the photo claims, television and birth video. With the secured rights for baby Spears they earned 24 million US Dollars.

The ex-girlfriend of Kevin, actress Shar Jackson, with whom he already has two children, is expecting his monthly support as well.

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Britney´s fragrance: Curious  Eau de Parfum Spray

Dog poop

Lately there has been some commotion about "poop" in her new villa. At this moment Britney has three dogs (photos below): The chihuahua cups, Lucky and Bit Bit and her new doggie Lacy, a white Maltezer.

All three dogs are still not properly toilet trained and that has been causing fights with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. Britney however doesn't care...



Advertising stop

Britney was not invited to the Oscars in Hollywood. At the moment Britney's commercial image is not that popular.

In her last commercial she is acting together with Pink, Beyoncé and David Beckham. Dressed as gladiators they promote the new Pepsi bottles. It will be Britney Spears last performance for Pepsi - they will not renew her contract when it ends (2004).

The singer also announced that she won't be doing any concerts or studio work. Her new maxi CD "Do Somethin'" might even be her last record.

At the moment Britney produces the reality show "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" in America. "Daily Star" reports that the "chaos" will soon end. Even her mother Lynne was shocked and disappointed in Britney and could not believe that her daughter was actualy talking about her personal sex life on television.

Britney Spears's kiss with Madonna at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards received a lot of media attention.

Britney also did promotion for a shampoo brand.
Herbal Essences was her sponsor for the "You drive me crazy" tour in 2000.

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Kalender Do Somethin' [MAXI-CD]


As a young girl Britney Spears already performed in several commercials and local dance revues. BY the time she was eight she was auditioning for the Disney Channel's New Mickey Mouse Club. Later on she became a presenter of the Disney Channel. Other performers on the show included Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake (photo right).

In 1999 her debut single and album "Baby one more time" went to number one in the United Kingdom, America, Australia and Canada. In 2000 her second album "Oops!... I did it again" became even more successful. In 2001 her third album "Britney" also became a number one hit.