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Cameron  diaz

Justin & Cameron finally seperated

Afther the drama "In her shoes" (photo right) Cameron Diaz played the leading role in the movie "The Holiday" together with Kate Winslet and Jude Law. Her most recent movie is a horror film called "In the box" of Richard Kelly.

On December, 16 2006 the actress also was feeling very lonely. On this memorable day her relationship with Justin Timberlake ended. Afterwards Cameron decided it was time to have a different look, just like million other women do after big changes in their personal life! She died her hair brown instead of blonde.

Sexy in the Caribic...

With bosom girlfriend Drew Barrymore (born: 1975) the blonde and blue-eyed actress (born: 1972) went on a women's vacation in the Caribic. An English newspaper reported about some wild parties. Cameron is said to have danced in just her bikini bottom.
In the video below she is also (unintended) very sexy.

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Her Spanish family name reveals the fact that the roots of the blonde and blue eyed model and actress are in Latin America (Cuba).

She was born in the USA (San Diego) and at the age of 16 she was scouted at a party and became a model. At the age of 21 she started her successful career as an actress: Diaz was casted as the female lead "Tina" in Jim Carrey's comedy "The mask."