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 Charlize  Theron

Trailer: "In the valley of Elah" with Charlize Theron

Charlize next start "In the valley of Elah." This time she is not playing the typical blonde, but a brunette with feminine center -parted hair. The film is due for release on September 14, 2007.

With co-players like Tommy Lee Jones, James Franco, Susan Sarandon, Josh Brolin and Jason Patrick she is playing the leading part in an exciting movie of director and Oscar Winner Paul Haggis (L.A. Crash). It is about post-combat stress.

Blondes privileged?

Charlize Theron (born: 1975, photo right) is going to play Marilyn Monroe. Tom Hanks ("Forrest Gump", "Cast away") wants Charlize to play the idol in a new film, prduced by Hanks' production company Playtone Films.

The also blonde South African Oscar winning actress is Hanks' favourite to play the tragic leading part in his new film about the worldwide fifties and sixties sex symbol.

Charlize - PETA member

In a new video of the animal rights group PETA Charlize wants to make her personal statement because she is strongly opposed to animal cruelty in the USA. She also supports a more responsable attitude buying dogs to avoid unbearable situations in animal homes. >>> video


Nominated for the 2nd Oscar

In 2006 the South African beauty had been nominated for an Oscar as a Best Actress in the drama "North Country" (movie photo left) although she did not win.

Her colleague Reese Witherspoone walked off with the first prize.

During the event she wore a pale blue Christian Dior gown covered in edges. Actor Stuart Townsend (photo left) and Charlize did not attend the Oscars together. It seems that they have definitely broke up.

In 2004 she won a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the serial killer Aileen Wuornos in "Monster" (see below).

She is participating in television commercials for LÓreal and Martini >>> Spot Stars & Styles

After all the Hollywood star's bodyguards are her four dogs, who "protect" her once she is not making a movie.

Animal-lover and Nelson-Mandela-friend is also involved in AIDS projects and an active member of the animal rights group PETA (see above).

Her new movie is called "Aeon Flux" (photo left). In the science fiction thriller she stars as Aeon Flux, a secret agent whose mission is to bring down the regime. >>> Video Stars & Styles >>>


"Hair Style monster"

In the beginning nobody could believe that precisely Charlize Theron played the role of the worsed hairstyled serial killer and lesbian prostitute Aileen Wuornos in the film "Monster." She performed very well - in 2005 she won the Best Actress Oscar.