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 David  Beckham

Beckhams neuer Look  mit Police-Sonnenbrille

David's new Team - New Look

In the beginning football star David Beckham hided his blonde hair and wore a strange Burlington hat. Why on earth would he do that? We finally know - he and his wife Victoria went to the hairdressers together and he cut them both a partnerlook.

Beck´s changed the Real Madrid Team to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Until 2012 Becks will earn about £128m (£25.6m per year).  

Together with other famous stars (like Whoopi Goldberg and Robbie Williams) David Beckham wants to draw the world's attention on millions of HIV - aids affected children. Together with other major celebreties he is making his statement in a video message that is shown at the concerts of fellow Ambassador Robbie Williams.

<Click here to download the Unicef David Beckham & Robbie Williams video >

David "Backhome"

The England Team was kicked out of the Football World Cup 2006 in the quarter-final. Thanks to the team's defeat the sportly partner of ex-Spice-Girl Victoria (born: 1974) finally has found time for the more important personal things of life. After three little Beckhams his wife wants to have... more

On May 21, 2006 soccer captain David Beckham hosted a World Cup party and welcomed 400 guests to raise money for Unicef.

<<< YouTube video of David & Victoria's World Cup party >>>

Jeweller Jacob and Co donated a pair of diamond his and hers watches worth £600.000 and a £1,000,000 diamond necklace.

Also one of David's limited edition car Bentley worth £300,000 was auctioned. Among the guests were stars like pop icone Elton John and Liz Hurley. Music celebrity Robbie Williams and soul legend James Brown entertained the guests.

New box, car and perfume

Beckham's capital is said to be more than £68,000,000. He rented a personal box at the new Wembley Stadium for more than £200,000 a year. He has leased the twenty seater box for the next ten years. David and his team-mates will be able to play in the new "Wembley" in 2007.

Photo left: David Beckham - "Talking"

The car addict also posesses another car (his 16th) - a Ferrari Superamericana (540 PS) worth £163,000. This car was the third gift of Ferrari and was delivered at his home in Madrid. Extra options: Silver handmade rims with in the centre an engraved football player at his free kick (costs more than £21,855).

For Christmas 2005 Becks' wife, Ex-Spice-Girl Victoria, bought him a car. The world's most luxurious limousine - Rolls Royce Phantom (Worth more than £341.443).

Mrs. Beckham forbade him to ride his sportly Ferrari in Spain afther his affair with the Dutch bisexual Rebecca Loos (see story below)...


Becks is also famous for his never ending different "hair styles." Fans all over the world love to copy his haircuts. After his wife Victoria made him cut off his hair completely (story below) right now his hair is (almost) at shoulder length.

His haircuts are sometimes short, long, cornrows, coloured, the famous skinheaded Beckham's "Fin" (see below) or like his recent haircut "almost normal". Also new is his beard (photo right). David's personal hair stylist is the English Star Stylist Aidan Phelan.

Millions  with  Sports,  fashion,  Raisers &  Coke

His yearly wage is said to be £4,000,000. "Peanuts" compared to Beck's new advertising contract with Gillette - this deal is the largest, worth about £40,000,000.

In the "Feeling of Gillette" campaign he will appear in newspapers, magazines, billboards and on television. Beckham's successful image as football star is supposed to market the new shaver MACH3.

At the beginning of 2004 Beckham also participated in an advertising campaign "Nothing is impossible." Together with e.g. Muhammed ALi, who was virtually copied, and other famous sports giants.


"Giant wave" - Surfspot

The last five years David has already earned £9,566,475 from the worldwide second biggest coke producer PEPSI.

Last November Pepsi produced a new ad. Together with football stars like Thierry Henry, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho they pose in front of a giant wave in blue Pepsi shirts and surf shorts.

In January the American company delayed indefinitely the ad due to the tsunamis in Asia. Especially as in Asia, Pepsi is very popular. "In light of the recent tragedy in Asia, we at PepsiCo International have taken the decision to put our 2005 surf-themed football campaign on hold for the foreseeable future," the company said in a statement.

The company also made a statement that none of the surf-themed material from the add is to be published.

Recently the surfing theme ad was only online released. The ad was filmed near to Madrid and to create the surf scene it took them more than 200 tons of sand and 2 great pools with a wall that had a height of more than 3 metres. The shootings of the professional surfers were made in the Fiji Isles.


Becks als Gladiator

The PEPSI commercial hired the English national player together with RnB Superstar Beyoncé, Pink and Britney Spears to enter the arena (photo left).

In one of the ads Beckham is dressed as a football player gladiator (photo below).

Other PEPSI spots were even "more bizar." The Football Star is fighting a team of oversized sumo wrestlers and later on he fights (Kung Fu) against Latina Queen Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé Knowles.

Although Beckham seemed to be a less fortuate sportsman after his private affairs and his famous missed penalty at the European Championship, Pepsi still wanted to contract him.

Other women

Then came David's extramarital affairs: "Becks" had to cut off his hair due to his latest affair with the Dutch bisexual Rebecca Loos. She used to be his personal assistant.

Rebecca's friend Jenny Shimizu claims to have had a passionate affaire with the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie... more

His wife, "Posh-Spice" Victoria, condemned him to cut off all of his gordious blonde hair. It was her way to accept David's apologies for his affairs.... more


Beckham loves tattoos. At the European Championship in Portugal he set a new trend. His meanwhile tenth (!) tattoo is the name of his youngest son named Cruz. The English famous tattoo specialist Louis Molloy (Middleton Tattoo Studio) flew in especially from London to set it.

Comment of the "Daily Mirror": "Together with his new skinhead haircut he looks like an ordinary hooligan. They would probably not allow him to enter the stadium if he were a fan."

Other Beckham tattoos are a guardian angel between his shoulder blades, more tribals and a wrongly spelled love statement in Hindu for his wife.

But the new tattoos did not bring him luck - the missed penalty against Portugal... This specific football was sold on ebay in Spain - the auction had more than 100 bids.




At the moment the dead ball artist is playing together with Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Owen and Figo in the Spanish Premier Division. The former captain of Manchester United (ManU) transferred to the Spanish "royal" Real Madrid for a fee of £25,000,000.

Curious: Manchester United's contract committed him to have a hair style change only once a year due to merchandising aspects

Curious: China forbids football players to have a Beckham haircut

Chinese officials forbade their youngsters to wear a ponytail like Beckham.

"Before they become a football star they should learn how to behave like a real man", quoted the official Chinese News Agency Xinhua the president of the youth department of the Chinese Football Federation Jianming.

It is not the only haircut they are against. New rules also do not allow young players to imitate the haircut of Beckham's team member Roberto Carlos.

"Coloured hair, long hair and rare hair styles are strictly forbidden. All players have a short haircut", as stated in the club rules.

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