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Back to the roots

That's exactly how you could describe Elton's new album.

Trying to keep up with the days of glory is the most important goal of popular Rock- and Pop legends. It is a goal that is very hard to achieve and those who finally make it deserve lots of respect. Most songs of his new CD called "The Captain and the Kid" remind us at one of his best albums of his musical carreer "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" (1975).

His new album not only contains blues and country songs like "Just Like Noah's Ark" and "I Must Have Lost it On the Wind, but you will also find some of Elton's typical romantic ballads like "Tinderbox" and "Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way."

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England's first gay marriage

For a long time there have been rumours about the upcoming wedding. Now it is official: In December 2005 the toupee wearer Elton John (58) and his longterm partner (11 years) John Furnish (42) are finally getting maried in a civil ceremony.

Full gay marriages are not permitted in Britain. However, after December 5th, 2005 homosexual couples will be able to have "civil partnerships" recognised under law.



Unfortunately Pop Diva Madonna was supposed to sing a song at their stag night. Although the(ex) girlfriend cancelled the gig and also did not make it to their Windsor wedding.

She sent the newly wed a telegram in which she cynically stated "as a married man he should become a better human..".

Elton is a friend of the English Royal Family. After the death of Princess Diana in 1997 he wrote a song for her "Candle In The Wind". 32 million copies were sold of the most succesful single ever.

Elton John has been married before to a German woman. In 1984 Elton married the music engineer Renate Blauel in Sydney. The "paradise bird of rock" divorced her four years later.

Apart from that Elton is also godfather of the children of football star David and ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (godmother is Liz Hurley).

Elton & women

In 2003 Elton signed a lucrative 50 millionen euro contract for his performances in Las Vegas (USA). The show is presented at the colosseum at Caesar's Palace Casino . So far he was only permitted to perform when colleague Celine Dion (who has a wage of 51 million pounds) had a day off.

Soon Celine's Las Vegas contract will be expired and Elton would love to replace her (source: New York Post).

It is said that Pop Star Cher, who is just about to end her Farewell Tour, is also eager to replace Celine.

Sir Elton John also gets chased around Las Vegas by 60-year-old female fans. The press repeatedly reported about the obtrusive women who follow him wherever he is.

Elton undresses Paris Hilton: Nude Stars only dressed with Cartier & Shoo...

"Of all people" the English pop singer Elton John (photo left) did it: Some of the most world famous "prominent women" will be "undressed" and wear only their hair style with some Cartier jewellery and designer spikes of Jimmy Shoo (photo below).

All the pictures are taken by women too, amongst others the world's best female photographer Pamela Hanson (Girls), who has been shooting for "Marie Claire", "Vogue", "GQ" , "Allure" , Emporio Armani, L'ORÉAL and Lancome.

Some of the stars that have been joining the "sexy" shootings for the spectacular charity book called "Four Inches:"

Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Rachel Hunter, Macy Gray, Serena Williams, Iman, Kate Moss, Elle MacPherson, Sarah Ferguson and ...more

Ten per cent of the proceeds from this book will go to the Elton John Aids Foundation.