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Elvis  Presley

One of the hair technical trendy idols of the fifties was "The King" and actor Elvis Aaron Presley. In the sixties he used to wear his famous quiff (photo left).

He has become one of the biggest selling performers worldwide (he sold more than 2 billon records).

Even now other music idols still pay homage to "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" - Robbie Williams video of the song Advertising Space pays tribute to Elvis... more

In 1959 Elvis served in Germany.

The photo (right above) shows Elvis' army haircut for a two-year service with the United States army (from March 1958 until Spring 1960). Elvis got his haircut in the "Ray Barracks" in Friedberg (Germany).

Elvis video:  "Don´t be cruel"

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The King with (curly) girlfriend Dottie


Modern razor

In the sixties Elvis discovered the new High Tech Razor - Gillettte Techmatic Razor (picture right).

The specialist for exact rased sideburns was one of the first to try the new model. Elvis gave this razor and its case to his maid Nancy Rooks and at this home page fans can buy it for 1500  USD.



The first "Star Hair Stylist"

In the fifties American Hollywood Super Stars like Robert Wagner, Paul Newman, Warren Beatty, Henry Fonda, Peter Sellers, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra or George Hamilton all went to the same hairdresser - Larry Geller (photo right).

In 1964 one famous client went to see Larry:

Elvis Presley, who actually was a client of hairdresser Sal Orfice, called the famous Star Stylist and invited him home to come over to his house in Bel Air. Ever since Geller did not only cut him his hair - the "esoteric" interested Prominent Hairdresser was also his spiritual guide and mentor until he died in 1977 (source).

After his death parts of his famous "Elvis quiff" were also sold by auctions. "Elvis' hair" sometimes were even sold for more than 100.000 Dollar (see picture below).

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