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  Gwen  Stefani

Modern Rapunzel

In 1996 Gwen became very popular with the hit "Don't Speak."

In May 2006 she launched her second solo album "The sweet escape." Especially her hair stylings in the video of the single "The sweet escape" are spectacular.

Click here to see Gwen Stefanies Sweet Escape video.


Responsable for those incredible hair creations and her new hair style is DANILO (see photo right), who is also responsable for the PINK hairstyles.




Multi talented: Styling, music and (baby)fashion

The former front woman of the band "No Doubt" (see below) gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named "Kingston James McGregor Rossdale."

Gwen, who's fashion idol is the designer icon Vivienne Westwood, created and launched her own fashion line "Harajuku Lovers - A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness."



Her other label is called L.A.M.B (Love Angel Music Baby named after the title of her solo debut). "Holla back" and "Cool" are the names of the singles of Gwen Stefanie.

The song was inspired by her relationship and breakup with fellow band member Tony Kanal (they dated for eight years).


Two videos were produced for her singles of the brand new solo album "Love Angel Music Baby."

In "Holla back Girl" she is hiding her long blonde hair under several hats and in the video of "Cool" she is having her blonde hair locked just like Marilyn Monroe.



For the song "Rich", which is also recorded on her new album, she is singing together with her friend, the rapper Eve (cover left).

Hollaback Girl" & Rich (amazon) | To download music click here |



Gwen Stefani (born: 1969) and the English rocker Bush vocalist Gavin Rossdale (born: 1967) got married in 2002. He is the lead singer of the new rockband "Institute.".

Also Rossdale is an actor: In "Aviator" (see below) he played (together with Gwen) the rol of the poet and photographer Gerard Malanga. He played other supporting roles in "Constantine" and "The Game of their lives.“

Maybe due to her pregnancy the singer won't be joining the crew of the movie "Factory Girl." At least her husband Gavin Rossdale (see below) is set to play too with Sienna Miller and Star Wars star Hayden Christensen.

>>> Photo Gwen's mother and sister <<<

Gwen Stefanie and "No Doubt" with pink wig | Download music here |

Unusual "role" - Gwen Stefani & Leo

The blond singer is playing the "Sex Symbol" of the thirties - Jean Harlow (photo right).

Alongside Leonardo DiCaprio (partner of Gisele Bündchen) she became a role in the new Hollywood movie "Aviator" of Martin Scorsese.

The Master Director did not know Gwen Stefani (35) at all. He saw a commercial poster for "Love Angel Music Baby" with her photo at a bus station in New York and immediately wanted her to play the role of Jean Harlow.

Aviator was nominated with 11 Oscars. The film is based on the life of the American Miljardair Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his passions: Airplanes and women.

The final winning Oscar nominees were rather disappointing - besides four Oscars (for costume design, cinematography, art direction and film editing), Kate Blanchett won an Oscar (photo left) for being the best actress in a supporting role.

Some of Gwen Stefani's various hair styles...