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  Jennifer Aniston

"The Break Up"

That is the name of the last movie (2006) with leading roles for the partly Greek actress Jennifer Aniston and partner Vince Vaughn. It is a "romantic comedy," in which Vince & Jennifer play a couple that is fighting over the appartment they bought together.

When neither ex is willing to move out of the place they used to share, the only solution is to continue living as hostile roommates until somebody...



"Rumor has it..."

That's the title of the last movie starring with the Greek actress in which she plays a leading role together with Kevin Costner and Shirley McLane. In the comedy (still with long hair) she proves she can carry a leading role. <<< info & video >>>

Photo left: Oscar 2006 in LA.

In 1999 People Magazine chose the ex-Goddess of Brad Pitt ("Ocean's Twelve", "Troja") as "Most beautiful people (woman) of the world." In 2005 she got beaten by Angelina Jolie, ironically current lover of Brad Pitt, who was elected as the "most beautiful woman in the world." Why? Maybe because of her "Friend's" haircut? Her legendary haircut was responsible for the most popular hair look of the mid nineties. According to "Vay bee.de" her TOKA hairdresser Michael Canalé is responsable for her highlights.

In an interview the former L´Oreal model Aniston (photo right with "long-bob") says: „I was an unfortunate looking teenager.“ Right now she isn't that concerned about her looks anymore and in a recent interview she says she will never have botox injections, she is happy to age gracefully.

Lawyers from Jennifer Aniston (born: 1969) have warned publications that they will face privacy law suits if they would print topless paparazzo photos of the actress taken recently when she was sunbathing at her Los Angeles home.



Jennifer Aniston's original family name was Anastassakis, but her parents changed it to Aniston when they moved to America (New York). The actress was born in Greece and has a yearly income of about USD 35 million. She got one million Dollars for a single "Friends" episode for the final season. Her father, John Ansiton, plays Victor Kiriakis on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

She dropped 30 pounds to get the contract to play the role of Rachel on Friends.


Rich & beautiful

Miss Anniston, with an annual income of USD 35 million, is listed on the Forbes Celebrities 100 (power rank 23) just as Michael Schumacher (power rank 16) and super model Heidi Klum (power rank 87).


Private life

Privately Jennifer isn't that lucky: She and her husband Brad Pitt seperated in 2004 and in May 2005 she started divorce proceedings. Currently he has been seeking comfort in the arms of Angelina Jolie (photo right).

The reasons for the couple's split appear to be difficult schedules and disagreement on whether or not to have children. Brad and Jennifer on their separation: "We happily remain committed and caring friends with great love and admiration for one another." No wonder, after dividing their common assets (for e.g. their USD 14 million Beverly Hill's mansion, their USD 6 million yacht and their common Production Company Plan-B) they still belong to Hollywood's richest people.

Brad and Angelina got to know each other on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," in which they played a married couple of assassins. The filmcrew confirms that after a while they were actually acting as a real couple.

But also Jennifer is said to have a new lover. After a fling with Tate Donovan she is now dating the American actor Vince Vaughn who also acted in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

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