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Jennifer  Lopez   &   marc   anthony


"El Cantante" (spanish for "Singer") is the title of the brand new movie (2007) in which Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony are playing the leading roles. The theme of this music drama is the life of the salsa legend Hector Lavoe (played by Marc Anthony). Trailer right >>>

Soundtrack El Cantante

Photo right: Star Stylist Haluk from Berlin styled J.Lo for her big night at the Echo 2007.

Photo:  © Cocoon by Tolga & Haluk

2nd photo: J.Lo´s dancers got styled

Tour & Dallas cancelled: JLo pregnant with Marc?

After numerous reportedly pregnancy rumors JLo is now said to be pregnant with Marc's baby. It is said that Jennifer Lopez (born 1970) is expecting her first child. The succesful mother is said to have allready cancelled her planned Summer Tour 2006 and her role of Sue Ellen in "Dallas" alongside John Travolta (J.R. Ewing).

Recently she recorded a duet (Spanish/ English) with rapper LLCoolJ (ladies love cool James) called "Control Myself" (cover above left, amazon). <<< Download music >>>

In 2005 JLo had to deny another alledged pregnancy. Her concert manager Matt Lauer asked her: "When I take a close look at your belly it doesn't look like you are pregnant right now. But maybe you want to become a mother in the near future?" JLo replied to the rumours: "If you believe the press I would have been pregnant at least 17 times. I'm trying to keep that part of my life very personal and sacred."


Hair model

Latin queen JLo is showing off her hair in the new ad campaign for Lux shampoo (Unilever) in Japan. She is the successor to Keira Knightley.

Ad campaign >>>

Foto rechts: Sceenshot LUX-Website

Movie carreer

1st movie: "Dallas"

The British film-maker Gurinder Chadha of "Bend it like Beckham" will direct the film version of '80 soap Dallas. At the end of 2006 Jennifer end John Travolta will star in a new movie version of "Dallas."

2nd new movie: "Bordertown"

In March 2006 J.Lo spent two months in Mexico to play the leading part in the crime thriller "Bordertown." Lopez plays a reporter investigating a series of unsolved murders along the U.S. - Mexican border. The film is written and directed by Gregory Nava, who previously direct J.Lo in "Selena" (see below). The release date is to be announced.

Blonde and untamed...

That's exactly how the Puerto Rican behaves in her last movie "An unfinished life", which was released in 2005. Together with Hollywood legends Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman JLo played the part of unbeloved daughter-in-law Jean in the drama movie.
Note: At the premiere PETA protested again against J.Lo's fur-filled wardrobe.

JLO & Marc at The "Oscars 2006"
in a dress of Rita Watnick

Hairy scandal about using fur in fashion line

JLo loves to wear animal fur. Also for her eyebrow styling the Latina is using fur to fill up lacking hairs.

J-Lo's representatives arranged for the full-page PETA ad, criticising the use of animal fur in the singer's fashion line Sweetface.

After launching her own fur fashion line sweetface the wife of ex Beatle Paul McCartney, Heather Mills-Cartney, protested. Also stars like Pink and Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson criticised the singing "Fur Diva." Also the animal rights movement organisation PETA takes on JLo over fur fashions.


Recently Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda starred together in the new romantic comedy "Monster-in-Law, which was released in May 2005.

The story: Charlotte 'Charlie' Cantilini (JLo) finally meets the man of her dreams, Dr. Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan). The soon to be Mother-in-Law Viola Fields (Jane Fonda) doesn't want her son to marry a Latina and with the help of her assistant Ruby (Wanda Sykes) she wants to break up the soon to be happy marriage.

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First wedding with waiter
Ojani Noa (lasted 12 months)


Second wedding with dancer Chris Judd (lasted 16 months)

Afterwards the romantic 18 months
with Ben Affleck (born: 1972), until the Ben Affleck stripper scandal sent JLo back to her former boyfriend and millionaire rap Star P. Diddy

Private: Jennifer Anthony & Cleopatra

In her personal life she was often disappointed in her relationships (see above) - her current husband is the latino super Star Marc Anthony (born: 1969), who divorced former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres (born: 1974, photo left) last year just before his marriage to Jennifer.

In 2001 the salsa Star had already sang a duet: "No Me Ames" (You don't love me). Marc's nickname for JLo is "Cleopatra." His namesake, the Roman General Marc Anton, was the lover of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Marc Antony's family claimed they had descended from Anton.

Jennifer Lopez only wants to be named Jennifer Anthony. Maybe soon her fans will call her "JAn" instead of "JLo"


New "duet" with Marc

Right now JLo is a foster mother for Anthony's three children (age group 1-10) who are living in her Beverly Hill's villa. It is expected that maybe a fourth child will soon follow - her own. Marc Anthony (photo left) just visited Spain for a series of live performances and sang songs from his first CD "in Spanish" "Amar sin mentiras" (Loving without lying). The second song of this album is a romantic duet with his wife - with the revealing title: "Escapemonos" (Let's escape).

His "Jenni" accompanied him during his tour in Spain and she did not leave his side.



New song

JLo's new song "Get right" is the single maxi of her brand new CD "Rebirth". Other guests on the album include Fat Joe, Marc Anthony and Fabolous. In the video clip JLo is acting as a decent secretary - with a wig.

As you can see on the CD cover (foto left), Jennifer does not need a hairpiece - except for the extensions everything is real.

(at JLo.net you can download for free the making of the video "Get right.")





"Get right" already recorded?

The King of American R&B Usher already recorded JLo's song "Get right". Usher recorded it as a single cold "Ride".

The song wasn't featured on his smash hit album Confessions, but it was released as a 12-inch club record and on the Internet last year. His comment: "I hate it. And I'd better get some of the publishing (rights). I am really surprised that JLo released it."

Actually, the real one to blame is producer Rich Harrison. He produced both "Ride" and "Get right" and used both horn track as the same vocal guidelines. The only difference is that "Get right" gets it title right from rapper fabolous, who had a rap song of the same name that was grafted onto JLo's record.


New lips?

An internet site is claiming that she had plastic surgery - a lip reduction and a nose job. They compare JLo's lips and nose with some photos to "prove" it.

They speculate that the singer had her lip reduction and her nose job some time between 1998 - 2003.

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New projects

Her most recent starring role was opposite to Richard Gere (born: 1949) acting in "Shall we dance".

Also JLo, David Beckham and Beyoncé Knowles are set to fight each other in a new television advert for their sponsor PEPSI.

As well as that she will also start a music project together with her husband Marc Anthony.



J.Lo and politics

Recently JLo visited Japan (Tokio). During the interview they asked her: "Doesn't your partner Richard Gere (see photo above) look just like the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (photo right)?"

The singer answered surprised: "I don't know your Prime Minister."

(Source: Spiegel.de - Germany)

JLo Glow by Jennifer Lopez.Still by Jennifer Lopez.
JLO Glow & Still by Jennifer Lopez


JLo and Fashion

Free GiftJLo's favourite designers are Galliano, Dior, Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and D-squared. And of course her own designed outfits in her online JLo shop.

In 2005 she introduced her brand new fashion line Sweetface at Olympics Fashion Week in New York. Andy Hilfiger is the president of Sweetface. Besides accessories, swimwear, sunglasses and belts she also sells girls fashion.

Recently she has started to sell lingerie (shopjlo.com). The 22-year-old Brazilian model Ana Beatriz (photo above right) was hand-picked by Jennifer Lopez to model the J-Lo line of clothing, including the JLo lingerie.


The slim Brazilian also modeled for top designers like Dior, Gaultier, Valentino and Lacroix. At the age of 13 she was discovered by the director of the prestigious Elite modeling agency who happened to be on holiday on the beach in Rio.

JLo´s fashion advisors are her sister Lynda (photo right) and her longtime friend the Cuban model Natalie Martinez (photo left).

The true story: From actress to popstar

She was born on July 24th in 1969 in New York (Bronx) to parents of Puerto Rican descent. She started out as a musical dancer. After her presence in "Oklahoma" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" she went on a European tour with the show "The Golden Musicals Of Broadway."

Photo: Jennifer as a teenager

In 1990 JLo started acting and in 1991 she won a national dance contest to become a fly girl on the sketch comedy series "In Living Color".

Her movie career started in the movie "My Family" (1995) of the producer Francis Ford Coppola. For her role as the young mother Maria Sanchez she was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

In 1997 People magazine's readers voted Jennifer as one of People Magazine's 50's Most Beautiful People in the world.

In 1997 Jennifer Lopez played the role of the great Tejano Star Selena Quintanilla. By the time of her death in 1995, Selena had sold 1.5 million records. Her death stunned the Hispanic music world. At that time she did not have a clue that also she would once be a famous Latino singer. However, it was her role in Selena that led to the revival of her music career.

In June 1999 she also started her career as a singer - her first studio album "On The 6" of Jennifer Lopez. Alongside leading male Latin pop star Ricky Martin JLO became a leading female Latin pop star.

The album became a worldwide success. Her first single "If you had my love" was a big hit in all European charts. Afterwards her single "Let`s get loud" boomed the charts. At the end of 2000 she had been sold 8 million albums.

During her singing career she kept playing in movies such as:

1995: My Family, 1995: Money Train, 1996: Jack, 1997: Blood and Wine, 1997: Selena, 1997: Anaconda, 1997: U-Turn, 1998: Out of Sight, 2000: The Cell, 2001: The Wedding Planner, 2001: Angel Eyes, 2002: Enough, 2002: Manhattan Love Story, 2003: Gigli, 2004: Jersey Girl, 2004: Shall we dance?, 2004: An Unfinished Life, 2005: Monster-in-Law (see above).

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