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Jodie  foster

Foster Thrillers

Lately the partly German (see below) Jodie Foster (born: 1962) only played roles in thrillers in which she found herself in very unpredictable and dangerous situations.

After "Silence of the lambs," "Panic Room" and "Flight Plan - Without a trace" the next Foster movie will be released in March 2006. It is called "Inside Man" (movie scene right). Jodie who is playing a broker is to star opposite Denzel Washington (plays a hostage negotiator). The director is Spike Lee and it's about a tense hostage drama after a bank robbery.


Personal Foster thriller

Little Jodie grew up in difficult circumstances. Her German mother Evelyn "Brandy" Foster (born Schmidt) raised her and her three sisters with her new female partner after the separation with her chronically unfaithful father Lucius.

For a very long time her lover Jospehine Dominguez (Jo.D.), who Jodie is named after, was the "second mother" for the four Foster children.

Jodie Foster is very private about her personal life. She has two children called Charles (born 1998) and Christopher (born 2001). She has revealed that they were created by artificial insemination through sperm bank donors. The actress is living together with her partner and producer Cydney Bernard (born: 53) and they raise up her two children together.

The two-time Academy Award-winning American actress lives very privately. It might also be due to her personal thriller. For years the movie star had been terrorised by John Hinckley. He slipped poems and messages under her door and he repeatedly called her. In 1981 "stalker" Hinckley even tried to win her over by assassinating the American Presiden Ronald Reagan. Just prior to his failed attempt on President Reagan he wrote a letter to Foster. At his trial Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

In 1997 Foster's brother Buddy (born: 1957) published a book about the effects of being raised by a controlling mother and her lesbian companion. In "Foster Child" he states that he identifies his sister as bisexual. His confession shocked the "prude" America that doesn't like to discuss (homo)sexuality. At that time the New York post titled: "Jodie Fosters' cover blown."

Link: Book "Foster Child" |

Styling & outfit

For years Jodie Foster wears the same outfit and hairstyle. Privately she wears most of the time dark Armani outfits (she owns more than 100 trousers) and her obligatorily pair of glasses.

Only for official ocasions the Oscar winner wears contact lenses and also dresses that make her look more feminine. She speaks French fluently and she loves to travel in France and the "nouvelle cuisine" of the country.

IQ 140

Psychologists say that the actress has an intelligence quote (IQ) of 140. Foster proved it. In 1985 she earned a B.A. in literature and graduated summa cum laude at the American Yale University.

Teen fame

Her mother who worked in the film industry encouraged her daughter at a very young age to do castings. She began her acting career at age three as the Coppertone girl in a television commercial. She played her first small movie role at the age of nine in a television movie called "Menace on the mountain."

At age fourteen she played the role of the preteen prostitute "Iris" in the worldwide movie "Taxi Driver." She received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.