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JoHnny  depp

New movie: Depp as a murderous hairdresser

After this movie you will think differently about your hairdresser. Director Tim Burton wanted to release a movie of the famous Broadway Musical "Sweeny Todd" together with actor Johnny Depp starring in the leading part.

The story is about the legendary London barber Sweeney Todd, who has a barber shop in the Fleet Street just across Mrs. Lovett's baker shop. It's funny that more customers come in than leave. The evil hairdresser is cutting his customer's throats...

In 2006 Depp won the American Teen Choice Awards Best Actor Comedy for his role in the movie "Charlie and the chocolate factory."

In 2003 he already received Academy Awards nomination for his acting in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the black pearl" for his performance in a leading role. In the second part of the historical spectacle he portrays the role of Jack Sparrow for the second time. Other roles are plyed by Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

Depp (born: 1963) has Cherokee blood. In 1990 he broke through due to his leading role in the comedy "Edward scissorhands." After this movie he had a relationship with movie partner Winona Ryder for four years.

In 2005 Depp starred as Willy Wonka in Roald Dahl's children's book "Charly and the chocolate factory." Depp played a bizar role of the excentric and always well styled owner of a chocolate factory (photo right with Bob). The film was produced by Plan B Productions, the film production company that actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston formed during their marriage. This film was the last production produced before they filed for divorce.

Since 1996 Johnny Depp is having a long-time relationship with actress and singer Vanessa Paradis (born: 1972). As a child the French actress became an international star playing in "Joe Le Taxi." Her favourite hair stylist is the Paris Star stylist Sebastien Richard... more

She also dated (the ex of Barbara Becker) Lenny Kravitz whom with she also did some musical projects.

Depp has two children with Paradis named Lily Rose Melody (Born 1999) and Jack John Christopher Depp (III.) (Born 2002).