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  Kate   Hudson  

Kate, Ryder and...Owen Wilson?

The daughter of Goldie Hawn (born: 1945, photo left) and William Louis Hudson (stepfather Kurt Russell) has always prefered men with wild hairstyles. In 2000 she married her first husband, Black Crowes front man with beard Chris Robinson (photo left).

On January 7, 2004 she gave birth to their son Ryder Russell.

Their son Ryder (see photo right) doesn't like to have a haircut, just like his father. Their boy can be called the long-haired prominent Hollywood kid. Lots of people think Ryder is a girl due to his long hair.


In 2006 Chris and Kate announced their separation. On the set of "You, me and Dupree" she met her co-star Owen Wilson. Hollywood gossips are saying the couple is still dating.

Also comic actor Wilson is having an unorthodox kind of hairstyle - his blonde "Out-of-bed bang" is very popular at the moment and is one of the most kopied hair style of the American Star Stylists.



Kate Hudson's movies

1998: Desert Blue, 1999: 200 Cigarettes, 1999: Almost Famous (Golden Globe, Oscar Nomination), 2000: Dr. T and the Women, 2000: Gossip with James Marsden and Norman Reedus, 2000: About Adam with Stuart Townsend and Frances O'Connor, 2002: The Four Feathers.

2003: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003: Alex and Emma, 2003: Le divorce, 2004: Raising Helen with John Corbett, Helen Mirren and Joan Cusack, 2005: The Skeleton Key, 2006: You, Me and Dupree, 2006: Sleight of Mind, 2006: I dream of Jeannie. 

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