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  Kate  Moss

Fashion, drugs & rock 'n roll

After the newspaper handed over the scandalous coke video (see below) to the British police the Swedish clothing company Mode-Kette HM Hennes and Mauritz inmediately has dropped their Irish top model Top Model Moss for the advertising campaign. Also Kate's commercial partner Burberry, Chanel and Vanderbilt have dropped her.

After her drug scandal they are lining up again to contract the "deserted" model again. She is more self-confident as she has ever been and she has starred in a secret film for the Agent Provocateur label lingerie. The director Mike Figgis refused to comment but apparently he told his friend: "I finally know why they call her a supermodel. She is the only one and the best!" (Source: Worldfashion.tv)

Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli was one of the first to book her for fashion shoots since her cocaine scandal. Also Donatella Versace and the French Fashion House Longchamp. The English Virgin Mobile company contracted her as the face of their advertising campaigns. She also has signed a new contract with Calvin Klein. Uncertain is if Dior wants Moss to model her Autumn/Winter collection 2006.

Moss used to have a relationship with actor Johnny Depp (also see video - Kate Moss and Johnny Depp - the big breakfast ) in the period 1994-1998. Depp is even having removed his "Winona forever" tattoo from his right bicep of his former girlfriend Winona Ryder. Kate Moss has a daughter called Lila Grace with the shy magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.

What happened?


It was only a matter of time before the legendary model had her break down (height 5.7", measurements 33-23-35 and weight 107 lbs).

She got her big break through when she when she was featured in a series of Calvin Klein ads in the early nineties.

Famous pictures of her (see below) started and ended the career of Kate Moss (born: 1974). The English "Daily Mirror" obtained a video that exposed her coke addiction. In this video also her husband Pete Doherty (Born 1979, photo right) showed up. It is said she has ended their turbulent relationship. The lead singer of Babyshambles and ex-junkie actually was also to blame for Kate's addiction. He frequently gets arrested by the drug squad police.

Moss has been accused from heroin use and alcohol consume to alleged anorexia. After she was caught on tape snorting cocaine the police started investigations she has checked herself into the Meadows clinic in Arizona (USA). The police have asked her to to return to Britain from the United States to answer questions about the allegations of drug-taking. If not, an arrest was a possibility.

Kate got support from Robbie Williams - who is accusing the media of hypocrisy. He said: "I have personally taken cocaine with the people who aree now writing these stories" (source: TimesOnline).

Elton John has praised the media for catching Kate Moss using drugs and going public with the story. He said: "I am happy she got caught, because it has forced her to get help and go into rehab" (source: Softpedia.com). He also made an interesting statement about Elvis Presley: "If he had lived in England he would probably still be alive today" (source: Softpedia.com).

More about her turbulent and scandalous model life can be read in the book with the appropriate title "Model of imperfection" (cover above left).

Photo right: Kate Moss commercial foto at age 14

                       Original video of the Cocaine Party


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